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April 2021 Tier Changes

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Moving Up to OU from UU:
Jellicent: 5.27% usage in OU


Moving Down to UU from OU:
Swampert - 3.54% usage in OU
Gastrodon - 4.26% usage in OU


Moving Down to UU from BL1:

Porygon-Z - Voted down for a suspect test, well below the cutoff point to move down, suspect thread located here.


Moving Up to UU from NU:

Electrode: 5.27% Usage in UU

Moving Down to NU from UU:

Slowbro - 4.07% usage in UU
Typhlosion - 3.52% usage in UU
Azumarill - 3.44% usage in UU
Gigalith - 3.69% usage in UU


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