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PSL Teams - Week 3

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Bro wtf 0 likes??? Next time let someone that doesnt have beef with entire community post for me. I need likes bro....

GG LO ^_^

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Time Zone: UTC+8

[NORE] NoRematch  Vs [Lo] Romantic 

OU: Pablobacas vs ZireaelCiri  10 p.m. Sunday

OU: NikhilR vs GreenTwT 11 p.m. Thursday

UU: UmbraMol vs sgerard 11 p.m. Friday

UU: LeJovi vs heichicoda 3p.m. Sunday

NU: xLuneth vs ZhaOYugod

NU: LifeStyle vs  Babylo

Dubs: DocPBC vs reliefgouai

Dubs: iJulianFNT vs  Bfu

LC: Lotus vs MullenYu

SM-OU: tMoi vs laputafans 

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2 hours ago, HedgeWitch said:

He would like to plat 9 a.m. GMT+2 Sunday

We can do sunday morning, I will be available from 9/10 am my time (Spain, GMT +1). 

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On 3/29/2021 at 11:29 AM, MknsZblex said:

Yellow Card CrissCy

osea el otro tonto se equivoca de hora me sancionan a mi favoritismo supongo



I mean, the other fool is wrong at the time they sanction me in my favoritism I suppose

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