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GTL Leveling - Alternative/Additional Money

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The GTL provides numerous ways of making money outside of simply just flipping that not enough players take advantage of. Leveling pokemon on the GTL is something that can be done passively while doing most of your other activities. One of the most popular answers to "How can I make money in this game?" is doing gym rebattles, but no one ever mentions making additional money with your gym rematches. Leveling a random pokemon with an exp share during your gym rebattles can net you upwards an additional 4-8k pokeyen per gym battle.


The most common thing to do is evolving. A lot of fully evolved pokemon sell for a significant amount more than their starter forms. Just looking up something random like Snivy right now shows the price at 3k and 16.2k for Serperior. A 13,2k profit for 40k exp. Another quick search of Charmander --> Charizard shows 2k --> 20k. A 18k profit for 40k exp. I'm not going to list everything but here's a list of the most profitable pokemon on March 14th just based off exp needed. A majority of the stuff doesn't stay at that price for more than a few hours but there are plenty of pokemon around the .40-.60 pokeyen/exp range that are consistently profitable.




Aside from just evolution, the other major method is leveling pokemon for move breeding. The most common 1 being Cacnea to level 30 for Leech Seed and Spikes on Ferrothorn.


I am not planning on updating this spreadsheet but you can make a personal copy and update it yourself or just pick something in the middle and double check the prices. If anyone wants to keep a public copy updated, I can list theirs here.  (Last updated March 14)

Link to full spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GpL1jb_eoNW9JSUtAL1z55q7WzaYbPhSzC-vDSFH29M/edit#gid=1117185396

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