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[Art Contest] It's Easter Time! (Tuesday, 30th March)

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Artwork by YogurtYardG via deviantart


Are you ready for Easter? Would you like to celebrate this holiday with us all by painting eggs and go on egg hunting together? If so, I would also like to invite you to show your creative art skills to draw your favorite Pokémon with an Easter theme! 

Perhaps your experience in painting eggs can be put to use in this art contest?


If you are going to take a picture of your drawing entry, please submit a good quality one for the judges.

We will be looking forward to your entry! Thank you!



The entries will be accepted from 30th March to 8th April 2021



  • Your entry must be 100% original, no exceptions will be made on this. We want to see an art that you created.
  • Only one entry is allowed per user. You can change your entry after posting it if you'd like, as long as it's before the end of the time for submission.
  • All entries must be submitted from 30th March to 23:59pm UTC on 8th April in this thread.
  • Your post must contain a title and your in game name (name of your character) along with the entry.
  • Any format of non-animated image will be accepted.
  • Your art must be about your favorite Pokémon(s) with an Easter theme. It doesn't need to be PokeMMO world (but can be), but it needs to contain Pokemon and Easter elements.
  • All entries must follow our Code of Conduct.









1st Place Prize



Fire Bunny Ears and Flame Uniform


1,000 Reward Points


2nd Place Prize

700 Reward Points


3rd Place Prize

300 Reward Points

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                                          Abra went to Sinjoh Ruins?!





Title: "Abra went to Sinjoh Ruins?!"

IGN: Krowseff


I drew this on my ipad but I don't think my laptop screen does the colours justice, hopefully it shows up properly for you guys!

Here's a 30 second timelapse of the drawing :



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added timelapse link
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Title: Crossing a New Day
IGN: LunaDarkrose

Edit: Just in case it's too blurry, I made a document so its easier to see the text here ^^


With this little story created with my in-game character and funny little side stuff I got inspiration from while playing through the MMO, it was meant to describe some of the possible things that occur behind the scenes while a majority of individuals focus on the common reason to celebrate the holiday with rabbits and chocolate filled eggs. The things that I believe should be focused on are more than having sugar induced ecstasy and splurging your money all freely for no true purpose. We currently live in a world where the tension between us can reduce our chances of seeing the bigger picture of our life's successes and prosperity when we are united rather than at each other’s throats like a competition. As I grew up, I was taught with the theory in mind that despite the hardships that you face in your life, if you sacrifice the ego you have that you may boast to other individuals while being plagued with the sin of pride, you will be able to unlock that potential of compassion that can allow yourself to be more understanding with the other individual to be more united and bring yourself to a goal of being the best person you can be. How would this pertain to Easter, you ask? Well, in my family, we practice a thing called lent where we make a sacrifice and give something during a long time period as we pray and such while we set up goals for ourselves and help those in need, regardless of how long we know them or not. I decided to elaborate this in my little short story and show some things everyone would need to work on, whether you are a pokemon or person haha.

With the prime example of the Pidove, being common creatures residing in the Unova region, being rather conflicting to each other in their daily lives and such, if they identify the personal struggles they are facing that is causing the awkward rift between them, they can enjoy their day better together. With my in game character dealing with a stressful work day during the holiday, she learns to make the most out of the day together with her pokemon partner (that i love a bunch lmao) Flareon, even with it being chaotic at some points. There is of course some easter eggs (Pun intended) That shows the other points I wished to incorporate into this. Additionally, the little food that was shown in the story, hot cross buns, is a food my family eats around this time that signifies the rather religious meaning of eating this fruit filled treat. We may not use “Pinap Berries” like how it was shown there, but many other delicious fruits and other occasional foods are added in this sweet food. Still and all, whether you celebrate your holiday with your friends and family eating together, gardening the greeneries to embrace springs comings, vibing alone with your pokemon (pets), stuck at your sucky job, or anything else, you can make the most out of your time or togetherness with those you love, including yourself and self worth as you conquer the days that awaits you in the near future.

Happy (belated) easter everyone <3

Links from game I used as inspiration for drawing.



Art Con Entry LunaDarkrose.png

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