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"Buy" Tab in GTL



Suggesting to make a tab/section in GTL where you can essentially post things you want to buy rather than sell

So you could post that you're buying 1 or more of an item for a specified price, and the listing would be public until expired or fulfilled. For example, I could list that I'm buying x3 Fancy Butterfly Wings for $2,500,000 each. anyone who owns this item will be able to accept aka sell to me for that price, anywhere up to 3 times. We could also add this for Pokemon of course, with your own set of specifications such as IV range, nature, etc. just like how the search bar works. The buyer listing could be free, but probably with a limited amount of listings per person at one time, to prevent spam.

Seller fee should probably exist at the same rate as it currently is to list an item for sale. so when someone is agreeing to sell, aka accept my buy request for the butterfly wings, they could get a confirmation window confirming profit of $2,500,000 -$25,000 fee = $2,475,000.


I feel like this all would create MANY more successful trades, de-clutter the GTL a bit, and make GTL a lot more engaging/fun, not to say it isn't currently

An offer / "looking for offers" tab would be cool too :)


sorry if already suggested, the key words are way too common to accurately search for it

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14 hours ago, noomuch said:

this works, although they might add a non-refundable service fee. *wink* *wink*

do you mean like the way i mentioned it in the original post? i think the fees are healthy for the game :(

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