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Trying to be Clever- Successes and Failures

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Hello, Hello! I'm After Your Clever Moments!


Share Your Glorious Schemes/Plans that Did or Didn't Work. Post Here!

How Everyone Plays the Game is Bound to be Different

Where Did You Soar or Fall Flat?

Poke Dollar - PokeClicker

This is a Place to Tell Your Story/Stories

Get/Give Suggestions, Criticism, or Help Others Recover!

(Personally I Just  Wanted Somewhere to Give People Ideas of How to Succeed in Pokémon and Avoid Pitfalls)

This will Continue to be Updated, TY.

Also checkout these Amazing Resources!

Money Making Guild-By Bestfriends   Great Farming Guild-By dotMO What are Your Goals?-BY bl0nde



P.S.-If You've Found a Patched(Game Breaking) Exposit Feel Free to Discuss it but Nothing Current Please?



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Posted (edited)

Well if you have made it to the forums you already know this game is way different then the base games by themselves in difficulty or in vastness of content offered.

I hope you take sometime to look at this forum before you spend hours trying to find a Pokemon that doesn't exist in a certain area anymore. Or attempt to find a shiny without knowing the new odds 1/30K.  Well there's plenty more to learn but you can find that sage advice elsewhere. I'm going to go over some of my hard headed experience.


1. Pay attention to the levels

I originally played up to Diamond/Pearl and stopped and when I joined this game I started in Kanto I spent every time I could on anything available and when I got access to global exchange I immediately bought high level Pokemon( I couldn't use) so I could just sweep through the more difficult game. Regret followed.



2.  Don't try to fix what works when you are Poor...But

 Gotheitelle with ability frisk and Thief is perfect to collect lucky eggs without the fear of killing the       Pelipers even at a high level at a low cost however I could not find any Adjacent enemy sweeping moves available.


 Stantler also has the ability swift(Multienemy15k at the time) and can learn Theif (10k)

 Will kill at a high level even if you pick lowest IVs(0) with no added EVs to insure low Physical damage   the result is the same for a low level Pelipers OHKO. 

 To  make it useful til LV 100 It Has to be 0 ATT IV/EV and Be Calm/ Modest

  If it is worth it to you behold the rich Farmers Unnecessarily Weak Horde Sweeper


Update-You folks are awesome and I love the stories

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Before Unova came, I just decided to teach a random Gastly Thief to steal mushrooms from Paras in Mt. Moon. Since it's only damaging move was Scratch, I knew I could stay in for as long as my PP held out without going back to heal. This happened to be even cleverer than I had originally thought as, it was not only immune to poison, but even when paralyzed, it could escape with no difficulty because ghost types can always escape gen 6 onwards - a fact unknown to me at the time.


Even after Unova came out, it was my go to for everstone farming because the Roggenrola in Wellspring Cave couldn't touch it due to its immunities. Only reason I don't rely on it as much nowadays is the existence of Frisk.



Tried leveling a Zigzagoon to level 100 so I could have the weakest thief + covet on a pickup mon. This way if the pokemon I encountered wasn't holding the desired item, I could simply rely on the chance of a pickup drop potentially improving my efficiency. What I didn't account for was that level was a part of the damage formula, so the Zigzagoon hit harder than anticipated simply because it was so high level. The only thing I was capable of stealing were everstones from Boldores. Truly an epic fail.

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Success: While everyone had struggle against Ghetsis' hydreigon, I caught and trained a venipede into a scolipede for that reason and successfully defeated Ghetsis without losing any pokemon



Failure: I once sold a 1x31 heracross for a low price below 8k, It was a long time ago and I was a noob. Also, remember that shiny Meowth? Yea, I used 1 masterball on it, although It didn't have any risky move such as Explosion, Take down or Final Gambit e.t.c

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When I was new - I actually thought I was being smart by using a Old Rod to fish Magikarps who could only splash and kill them, thinking it was some type of exploit that would level up my Pokemon really quick.


Ahh, what a innocent child I was.


As for my success - Well. I have no idea.

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Listed a 1x31 non shiny weedle for $70.007.000 and lost 3.5m listing fee (mistake due to copying 7000 twice)




Had suggestion on max listing fee imposed on GTL and was implemented



Rich guys spammed $800m listing for fun/flex


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Success: breed a natured 5x31iv pokemon 


Failure: Picked a wrong gender which creates a same gender, losing money in the process.


The story: when i was breeding a natured 4x31 mon to a unnatured 5x31 mon. That time i picked a male gender, thinking that a 5x31 is a female one. One i'm hatched and when i looked up on a pc storage. I realized that a 5x31 mon is a male, i messed up and losses money in a process. 

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