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PSL Teams - Betting Thread

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As much as i respect my boi Wally, Kriliin is on a whole nother level and i don't even need to explain myself on why that is so. You're either being ignorant enough or pretending to be not acknowledgi

Please add LifeStyleNORE to blacklist. Ty

I feel like the blacklist is going to get updated soon after this week

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On 3/27/2021 at 3:15 AM, ZacMorales said:

Hey bro, I owe you 400k, pass me your name to leave the money to the mail


what monkey said my ign is QuinnW 

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Didnt really kept up with this the last days. Itsgray and Azphiel sent me cash, not sure if some one else owes me money.

If I owe you money please let me know here and I'll send it asap.

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