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PSL Teams - Betting Thread

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OU: Aerun vs gbwead 100k (kanzo)

NU: Axellgor vs MadaraSixSix 200k (kanzo)

SM-OU: Spaintakula vs LLLiolae 200k ( kanzo)

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1 minute ago, Quint said:

1m on Sia winning


7 minutes ago, AwaXGoku said:

OU: Aerun vs gbwead 100k

NU: Axellgor vs MadaraSixSix 200k

SM-OU: Spaintakula vs LLLiolae 200k

Take all 3

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Posted (edited)

250k each bolded, void if sub/dq/bug/whatever


NU: Axellgor vs MadaraSixSix

Dubs: OrangeManiac vs Badbaarsito

Dubs: Imabetheverybest vs Kamimiii

LC: Cali vs TheDH ›› Taken by xMikasaAckerman

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