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What was your first shiny?

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I'm curious about which was your first shiny. I want to know if you still have it and if it was intended or not.


My first shiny was a floatzel in sinnoh. I was searching with a friend to have one both of us. So I found one and then I stayed with him as he was still looking for a floatzel. Only 35 minutes later, I end up finding another one!!! It was so epic. I stole the last one to my friend xD


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my first was a high level pidgey already asleeep knowing whirlwind, i was feeling uguuy and chucked pokeballs but person behind me be like "it's gonna run/die somehow" sadly to say he was right it woke up and whirlwinded the hell outta there. i however did get redemption 2-3 years later after that incident and in the same spot

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My first shiny was a gible while i was farming gible for make a comp garchomp , i had sold him but with luck i have found him 2 weeks after sold and them bought it back , after this i had breeded him and now is comp

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My first shiny was a Spearow at 68 hours of playthrough, single encounter. Sold it for 1.5M, felt rich


I didn't know at the time that SRIF and thought it was common. I don't like the shiny but I regret selling it

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2 minutes ago, PedroLindoUnico said:

My first shiny was a bellsprout I remember i was looking for some dittos and suddenly a horde with shiny appeared xD. It happened in 2019 i was with +/- 100 hours of game

after that i found a rapidash while ev training, and after the rapidash e decided "I'll hunt somethin" and I started to hunt marill, i found it with only 7 hordes ill never forgot this

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