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More Details of Pokemon's Wild Locations in PokeDex



Hi players and staffs,i have been running a website named PokeMMO ToolBox over a year which supports a lot of data calculation  / searching services,thanks for the staff YIBU he supports me the coding/original data i can automatically insert them into my database,and the game client also supports the dump of showing data which i just need to do some string processing that can change the showing data into coding data which makes it automatically insert into the database .

But there is a big problem bothering me all the time that the pokemon's wild locations update so slient and irregularly with no inform,as i mentioned, we can check the showing data that game client supports ,with some string processing to change it into coding data which means i can do it myself without disturbing staffs.But the problem is in the showing data of pokemon's wild locations.The showing data only shows [horde] in [Rarity],but numbers of hordes really matters.Its the problem to stop me to automatically change the showing data into coding data.I need to distinguish x3 and x5 hordes.

And i also sugguest,

1.As i observed,there are different pokemons in different floors where if we are in a mutiple floor building but we cant distinguish just in pokedex,so how about adding a parameter [floor] like time and season for showing  data if the location is a mutiple floor map.I guess something like parameter floor exists in coding data.And also the floor parameter adding for the name of map,just like we go into the Department Store of every region,the name of map on the top left corner shows the floor like 1F,2F,etc.

2.Separating the parameter rarity into like [Hunting Way]:{Single,Hordes in 3,Hordes in 5?} and [Probabilites]:{Very Common,UnCommon,Rare....},as i observed,most of hordes have the same probabilites which depends on the number of total kinds of native hordes,just like every kind of hordes weights 1,and if there are 5 kinds of hordes in native,their probabilites becomes 1/5 = 20%,but there are something speical for Zorua in Hordes x3 and Sigilyph x3 in obviously.

So there are my suggestions of more details and clearness for pokemon's wild locations in pokedex,if you agree with me, please upvote it.

Thank you for reading.


Suggestion Translated in Chinese 中文版建议,方便国区玩家阅读








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