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Yetto's Birthday Party March 15 7PM GMT 156M Prizepool - OU, UU, NU, DUBS, LC, Catching

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There will be 5 tournaments held at the same time. People will only be allowed to join ONE tier, so choose wisely. Being caught trying to be in two tournaments, will result in being disqualified in both.


To participate, PM the respective host before the tournament starts, 30 minutes in advanced till the bracket is finished. The plan is to START at 7PM GMT on the dot.


The rules for each tier are the normal ones, for LC follow


All the tournaments will be held at Silph Co Channel 4.




Prizes for each tier + catching event

1st place 20m

2nd place 3m

3rd place 2m

4th place 1m


For the catching event. This lasts for 2 hours, 7PM GMT - 9PM GMT. People who have been eliminated from a tournament are allowed to participate in the catching event.


The pokemon to catch will be Taillow.


Nature bonus:

- Jolly 10

- Naive 7

- Adamant 5

- Brave - 5 (negative points)

- Quiet - 10 (negative points)


The three Taillows with the highest score will be #1, #2, #3. The Taillow with the lowest score will be #4 (PM YettoDie for the Taillow you submit)


LF hosts (they can play)



- YettoDie (OU) (Catching)

- Poufilou (UU)

- PoseidonWrath (LC)

- LimbowRed (NU)

- Badbaarsito (Doubles)


LF Spanish and Chinese translations.


Spanish: courtesy to Akaru <3


Habrá 5 torneos que se realizarán a la vez. Sólo está permitido unirse a UNA tier, así que elige sabiamente. Si se descubre a una persona tratando de entrar a dos o más torneos a la vez se le descalificará de todos.


Para participar, manda mensaje al respectivo host del torneo antes de que empiece, con un límite de 30 minutos antes de que se termine el bracket de rondas del torneo. El plan es EMPEZAR a las 19:00 GMT en punto.


Las reglas para cada tier son las normales, a excepción de LC que serán estas:


Todos los torneos serán realizados en Silph. S. A. Canal 4


Las recompensas para cada tier y el evento de captura serán:

1er Lugar: 20 Millones

2do Lugar: 3 Millones

3er Lugar: 2 Millones

4to Lugar: 1 Millón


El evento de captura durará 2 horas, de 19:00 GMT a 21:00 GMT. La gente que haya sido eliminada de un torneo PvP tiene permitido participar en el evento de captura. El Pokémon a capturar será Taillow.


Bonus por naturaleza:

-Alegre +10

-Ingenua +7

-Firme +5

-Audaz -5 (Se restan puntos)

-Mansa -10 (Se restan puntos)


Los tres Taillow con el puntaje más alto serán 1er, 2do y 3er Lugar. El Taillow con el puntaje más bajo será el 4to lugar.


Chinese: (WIP)




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5 minutes ago, FourFacedLiar said:

can you enter the catch event only?? or do you need to participate in PvP first?


If you get knocked out in pvp you can still catch if there is time left. 


Really nice tour btw yetto. Alvast gefeliciteerd

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On 3/2/2021 at 9:14 PM, FourFacedLiar said:

can you enter the catch event only?? or do you need to participate in PvP first?


You absolutely can only join the catching, it's the only "tier" that is allowed to be played after getting knocked out of one of the tournaments,


On 3/2/2021 at 9:19 PM, ThinkNicer said:

If you get knocked out in pvp you can still catch if there is time left. 


Really nice tour btw yetto. Alvast gefeliciteerd


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16 hours ago, scream14 said:

In case of being one of the 4 winners of the capture event, the prize would be 20, 3, 2 m ?? Or does that include PvP?

The highest 3 scores in the catching event get 20m, 3m, 2m, the lowest score gets 1m.


15 hours ago, Tawla said:

maybe you can do it like this :

tournament in silph co 

OU channet 1

UU channel 2

NU channel 3

DUBS channel 4

LC channel 5

 you will get more space 

But then silph co isn't filled to the brim with people. Which is like the best part. In case of too many people, it will have to be hold in multiple channels.

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Signups have started! PM the person hosting INGAME the tier you want to play.



- YettoDie (OU) (Catching)

- Poufilou (UU)

- LimbowRed (NU)

- PoseidonWrath (LC)

- Badbaarsito (Doubles)


PS. People in the catching event can just link their mon once its 9pm GMT to YettoDie.

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Thanks everyone for joining all the different tourneys, it was great fun, hope everyone had the same amount.




1st: Luke

2nd: Endiii

3rd: RafaPallet

4th: ThinkNicer




1st: mkns

2nd: DrTylerGrey

3rd: RobbinHo

4th: QuinnW




1st: GasaiYunoSan

2nd: xLuneth

3rd: MadaraSixSix

4th: Sebat




1st: PoseidonWrath

2nd: HernJet

3rd: PedroLincoUnico

4th: xWhinkz something




1st: SoumaYukihira

2nd: iKillua

3rd: Badbaarsito

4th: AkuraKoneko something




1st: RealDevilLegend with Jolly 30/23/30/19/28/28 coming to 168

2nd: ARCHorstTWO with Rash 21/31/22/31/29/29 coming to 163

3rd: DeviceFanBoy with Docile 26/28/31/21/21/30 coming to 157

4th: Incognition with Impish 0/3/0/9/0/10 coming to 22


Enjoy the prizes everyone who won.

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