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How to become a pokeMMO Administrator

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1 minute ago, Teddi said:

Sir, please don't give incomplete information to our players. Waifu pillows and 1000+ hours of watched animes are the minimum. You'll also be asked to write a resume of One Piece.

Well there goes my idea of applying. 


I only have 995 hours of anime watched. 

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Anime pillow alternative: taped printedA4 anime girl on a pillow
Anime hours: should be enough
One Piece Resume: Story about a boy who dreams to become a pirate king, has rubber ability with plots to increase power in time of need. Along the way, he finds 3-sword boy, a thieving female navigator, a long nose sniper, a skeleton musician, a brawn robot, a cook with legs, a juvenile humanoid deer and a lady with story. They go on a journey to find 1 piece, boom here, bang there, while random and non random ppl die left and right which serve to make emotional moments for 1 piece fanatics and create reasons for power boost. Then, huala, years passed, male crews become chads while female crews become the output of fan service. The story continues to be paraphrased until chap 1000+ and still nothing related 1 piece is seen.
I think i might pass. 

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3小时前,Bearminator 说:

So one guy wears a hat that I hate to draw, and he has longer adventure than Ash Ketchum will ever had probably


Oh. For me who don’t know English well, I always thought it was a picture similar to self-introduction :0

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