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VideoGame Cinematic Universe thread

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We all know that we will experience video-game movie adaptations in the future. They, in-fact already created few, like Detective Pikachu and the awful 1993 Super Mario live-action movie. 


Sega has expanded the Sonic franchice by creating a live-action Sonic movie, which was suprisingly really good. They even announced the title of the sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2


Finally, its confirmed that There's an upcoming CGI-animated  Mario film, by Ilumination

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5 hours ago, Clovissssss said:

this film was confirmed in 2016 but it was scheduled for 2020 so good that it will come out


You are referencing about the Sonic movie?

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3 hours ago, RealMak said:

Você está se referindo ao filme do Sonic?

No, I was referring to the Mario film, which in 2016 I ended up watching a video on Youtube that confirmed that this film was going to come out. However it was scheduled to be ready in 2020, but as we didn’t have the movie I lost hope of being able to watch a good Mario movie.

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

No mention of Mortal Kombat? For shame. Please close this thread now.

Oh yea, I actually.. Movies such as Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil don't count in Nintendo/Sega universes, since they don't belong in them. Mortal Kombat was created by Midway games

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