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This isn't new, we've said before we plan to do it eventually™   We're not actively working on it now.

Sigh more dead content yay

Adding daily/weekly quests - the more quests you complete, the harder they become, and the more significant the reward. Implementing dungeons Adding Hidden Abilities Completing th

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11 minutes ago, Bearminator said:

It will, as it is in plans. However, the priority is low and it will not come soon.

Certainly not tomorrow. 

I laughed so hard for the last sentence. 

I love this game and the staff behind it! 

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45 minutes ago, RealMak said:

(Sigh) Can you please stop judging everyone for 5 minutes?

Bildergebnis für retarded pepe


why do randoms always keep admiring me


6 minutes ago, Quinn010 said:

johto > good mmo content


i wonder what people will spam for once johto is implemented

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11 minutes ago, Quakkz said:

Bildergebnis für retarded pepe


why do randoms always keep admiring me



i wonder what people will spam for once johto is implemented

I think they decided to implement johto only because of people that are spamming "when johto", as wrote in the screenshot in the OP. 

Not a bad decision at all. 

After johto they can focus on more mmo content. 

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Just now, Quakkz said:

id hope they do, thats at least some new gameplay

I agree and glad they plan on working on it, but if we get those spammed forum threads like "when in shinnoh and jonton" then god help us

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9 minutes ago, Imperial said:

People will be spamming about hidden abilities and dungeons

Or they will spam about a full working battle frontier at hoenn or the sinnoh / johto battle frontier. 

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Well, I heard about a case that a friend of mine when he moved to another region was written jotho, as if he already had it. And seeing this topic only confirms his theory that Jotho is coming. After all, what else can pokeMMO bring again? just jotho because I think that the next 3 generations are almost impossible to add, I've seen the administrators saying that jotho is not a priority but in my opinion it should be number 1


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In all honesty it would be nice to have Jhoto but it essentially only offers the story, no new moves or Pokemon is a huge let down (I guess we would get some new hordes but that is very minor imo). It is inevitable that we will get Jhoto at some point but as a long time player it would be nice to finally get dungeons or something like weekly missions to change up the monotonous endgame game play. 

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I don't know if I'm alone in saying that I'm actually glad Johto isn't a top priority for the developers right now. 


As people above have said - sure Johto is one of the most talked about and requested features in the game, and not without merit, it's an amazingly fun and nostalgic region. But the decision making behind not making it a top priority is the completely correct decision imo. I'd rather the developers working on new and more interesting features to add to the current roster of regions and even completing them before straight up adding a new one. They've been doing a great job with the events and keeping the game interesting and making changes that make a big impact on the entire game, adding unique features. Because lets be real, Johto is great but it's just more recycled content. 


Sure - Johto would make a lot of players happy, but for how long? Say they were to add it tomorrow (kek) and you play it out, complete it in however long it takes, then what? What turns into the next Johto? It's like adding a DLC to a not-yet completed game and seems counter-intuitive in my opinion.


I salute the devs for not giving into the cries of many and think it shows good decision making and good ideals rather than incompetence like some people believe.


But that's just my take. 

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9 minutes ago, pokelace said:

Não sei se estou sozinho em dizer que estou realmente feliz por Johto não ser uma prioridade para os desenvolvedores agora. 


Como as pessoas acima disseram - com certeza Johto é um dos recursos mais comentados e solicitados no jogo, e não sem mérito, é uma região incrivelmente divertida e nostálgica. Mas a tomada de decisão por trás de não torná-la uma prioridade máxima é a decisão completamente correta em. Prefiro que os desenvolvedores trabalhem em recursos novos e mais interessantes para adicionar à lista atual de regiões e até mesmo os concluam antes de adicionar um novo. Eles têm feito um ótimo trabalho com os eventos e mantendo o jogo interessante e fazendo mudanças que têm um grande impacto em todo o jogo, adicionando  recursos exclusivos . Porque vamos ser realistas, Johto é ótimo, mas é apenas mais conteúdo reciclado. 


Claro - Johto faria muitos jogadores felizes, mas por quanto tempo? Digamos que eles o adicionassem amanhã (kek) e você jogue, conclua dentro do tempo que for preciso, e daí? O que se transforma no próximo Johto? É como adicionar um DLC a um jogo ainda não concluído e parece contra-intuitivo na minha opinião.


Saúdo os desenvolvedores por não cederem aos clamores de muitos e acho que isso mostra uma boa tomada de decisões e bons ideais, ao invés de incompetência como algumas pessoas acreditam.


Mas isso é apenas minha opinião. 

On the one hand I disagree but on the other hand I agree, what you said reminds a lot of Sinnoh when it was released that was just fun in the first week. But on the other hand, I think that jotho should be a priority, but being better worked

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