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Should I care about the Lunar event?

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Cus I kinda don't.


From what I understand everybody is after vanities and particle effects, but requires coordination with 2-4 people in a wave-style Pokemon run that lasts around an hour.


Do I have that right? Cus it doesn't sound particularly fun but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something here.

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You're not missing out on too much, if you're not interested in the rewards or cosmetics etc then just stick to what you're doing. It can be pretty fun to do with a friend though as Co-op in this game apart from Hoenn BT is pretty rare. 

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I personally found the event to be very fun. If you enjoy "solving" puzzles and like pokemon pve you would enjoy the mini game even if u ignore the rewards. 


If you have a friend to play with it can be a good time. 

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