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Night is too dark




I would like to see night time with more bright. It just feels uncomfortable to play while night, because it's too dark. 


For fix / improve  night color maybe a playing with light, adding brught but add a purple or gray tone. 

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On 2/24/2021 at 8:19 AM, sandronejm said:

Screenshot of day vs dark



That's just uncomfortable but playable

Hi sandronejm,

sharing a screenshot unfortunately isn't a very good way to share your night time visual experience, as it will appear differently depending on the settings of each persons monitor.


In the same way, this is also the case for how each player will perceive night time in game.

Night time has been designed with a standard monitor calibration/colour scale.


As others have pointed, I believe your display settings may be a little on the dark side, as a majority of players have not reported having any issues with the brightness of night-time.


It could of course also just be personal preference.


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