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Ever since the new update KasperSky flagging it as a virus?

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I've had PokeMMO installed since I first got this pc and after the most recent update KasperSky keeps flagging it as a Trojan and deleting it constantly. I really do doubt that it's a Trojan but I've not had this issue until the most recent update, is it just me that's getting this?

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5 hours ago, XxSaccoxX said:

I also have this problem :( must be across the board with everyone who runs Kaspeysky, any idea on how long the fix will take?



The issue has already been resolved. If you're still not able to play,

  1. Update the kaspersky databases manually. Documentation for KAV 20 is available at https://support.kaspersky.com/15074#block1
  2. Redownload the game client from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/
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