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Known rewards from envolopes

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So far, this is the vanity/items I know about so far in the event. If you know any more, please leave a response and the way you got it.


known items:

ox set (normal envolopes)-

  ox horns

  ox tail

  ox costume

new year set (lucky envolopes)

  Traditional New Year Outfit




  dumplings (normal)

  mandarins (normal)

particle effects-

  zodiac (lucky envolopes)


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Guys, it would be aprecciated if you write additional how many you opened. 




10 Red Envelope:

xxx Amount of Stuff here xxxx


5 Lucky red Envelope:

xxx Amount of Stuff here xxxx

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13 hours ago, EssDeeCee said:

Also, it appears vitamins from the Red Envelopes are not tradeable, but from the Lucky Red Envelopes are. Is there any chance this may be changed like in the Xmas event @Kyu ?

Yeah, just a shoddy copy/paste job. I'll notify when it's changed

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