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The ultimate Breeding guide !

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Welcome to the best breeding guide !

Note : the guide might be glitch and will show you the rest of the details once you click the furthest spoiler , this guide shows how to breed all the way up to 6x31 !


Hey there !  in this guide i'm gonna teach you how to breed the Comp mon of your dreams in an easy way !

First of all before i teach you how to breed i will explain to you the basics of breeding !

Ok so i'm gonna start with explaining what each Breeding Item does and how it works !


Breeding Items 



Those are the 7 items that you can buy at any daycare ! 


Note : All of the braces (a.k.a Power x) pass down a different IV stat when you let one of the parents hold it .


Power Weight = passes down holding parent's HP IV stat .

Power Bracer = passes down holding parent's ATTACK IV stat.

Power Belt = passes down holding parent's DEFENSE IV stat.

Power Lens = passes down holding parent's SPECIAL ATTACK IV stat.

Power Band = passes down holding parent's SPECIAL DEFENSE IV stat.

Power Anklet = passes down holding parent's SPEED IV stat.

Abillity Pill = when you select it in your bag and then select the option "Use" , it will change the chosen pokemon abillity !

Ok so now we have established what each daycare item can do ! Now i will teach you how to use it correctly and after that we will get into breeding with Nature :)


Making a 2x31



Here we have an example on how to make a 2x31 pokemon !


The male parent with 31 Speed IV holds a Power Anklet . the Female parent that has 31 Special Attack IV holds a Power Lens !

that makes the baby have both Sp.atk of the female parent and the Speed of the male parent. 

Breeding 3x31


Ok so now we know how to make a 2x31 which is very simple .

We gonna learn here how to make a 3x31 and above with a really easy method !

Now that we got our 2x31 pokemon which has 31 Sp.atk and 31 Speed we want to have another parent who is also a 2x31 in order to get a 3x31 baby !


How do i do that ?

ok so in this particular case we would need 1 common IV between both parents ! Why you ask ? simple ! PokeMMO's breeding system makes it so you have a range when you breed when you can get 3 different outcomes of IVS . since we are trying to breed a perfect comp we don't want to take that low chance of getting what we want .


you would have to get another 2x31 pokemon who has 1 common stat with our existant parent , Meaning you would have to have a parent who has 1x31 sp.def and 1x31 either with Speed or Sp.atk (does not matter which one you pick)


Let's say i have picked a 2x31 parent who has 31 Sp.atk and Sp.def you would let that parent hold the missing Power Band (sp.def) since the other parent is missing it . they both would have Sp.atk 31 so that would result in a guranteed 31 sp.atk (no need for a brace) .

The other parent would have to hold a Power anklet (Speed brace) so they would complete eachother . i assume you are confused by now so i will show you a chart just in case !



and that how it would look ingame :



4x31 breeding !


Now that we have our 3x31 parent who has speed , sp.def and sp.atk we want to get into having a 4x31 ! 

all we have to do is get another 3x31 pokemon who has 2 IVS in common with us and 1 different that we wanna add !

lets say he has in common Sp.atk and Sp.def . our existing 3x31 parent would hold Power anklet . now we wanna turn it into a 4x31 with Speed . Sp.def . Sp.atk and Defense . 

all we have to do is get a 3x31 2nd parent who has 31 Defense , 31 Sp.atk and 31 Sp.def . 

now we will have 1 parent who holds a Power brace . and one parent who holds Power Anklet . that will gurantee defense and speed at 31 , the other 2 IVS are in common so no need for a brace if both parents have 31 sp.atk and 31 sp.def.




Making a 5x31


Now we wanna make a 5x31 , we already have a 4x31 who has Speed Sp.def  , Sp.atk Defense all at 31 .

now it's up to you if you want it to have a 31 HP or 31 Attack but since we got 31 Sp.atk i would give HP as an example !

in our first hand we have our existing parent who is 4x31 Speed , Sp.def , Sp.atk , Def .


now all we wanna do is make another parent who is also a 4x31 ! but this one should have 31 HP Defense Sp.atk Sp.def .

First parent holds a Power anklet (Speed) and the Second parent holds a Power Weight (HP) that gives us guranteed 31 HP and Speed , the rest of the IVS are guranteed by being the same which are Defense , Sp.def and Sp.atk (both parents have those at 31)


Making a 6x31 


I guess by this point it's pretty self explaintory , all you have to do is the the existing 5x31 we have and breed it with another 5x31 who has attack and misses just one of the IVS you have . 

so for example 5x31 with Speed Sp.def Sp.atk Defense  HP .

Second parent would have to have Attack and 4 other common IVS , you just pick the brace according to what you missing in that point so lets say we have a 5x31 Attack , HP Defense Speed Sp.atk then the IV that the first parent should have is Sp.def brace and the second parent would hold Attack brace.

How do i make it Natured ?


This is really basic and easy . 

all you need is 2 parents , 1st parent should have 1 more extra 31 IV then the 2nd parent who will hold an Everstone .

so lets say we wanna make a 2x31 natured . all you have to do is take a 2x31 parent who holds a brace . the other parent would have to be a 1x31 with one common IV with the 1st parent and have the right Nature that you want , this 2nd parent is the one who holds the Everstone .

i will write a chart to make it simple !

1x31 natured = 1x31 unnatured + 0x31 natured , 0 common IVS.

2x31 natured = 2x31 unnatured + 1x31 natured , 1 common IVS .

3x31 natured = 3x31 unnatured + 2x31 natured , 2 common IVS.

4x31 natured = 4x31 unnatured + 3x31 natured , 3 common IVS .

5x31 natured = 5x31 unnatured + 4x31 natured , 4 common IVS.

6x31 natured = 6x31 unnatured + 5x31 natured , 5 common IVS .



Egg Moves


Hey i will explain this as short as possible because it's really simple to breed egg moves into your pokemon !

The best method to do so is to do it at the very start of the breeding even before u get to 1x31 or 2x31 . 

To best explain how you can accomplish an egg move breed i will give you an example !

Let's say i want to breed a competitive milotic , i would take a 1x31 or 0x31 Feebas and breed it with a Corsola who knows Mirror coat , Corsola can learn mirror coat at lvl 55 so i will have to lvl it up to that high of a lvl but most of the times you won't have to level up a pokemon this high . 

Simply put , you can check which egg moves your desired pokemon can obtain in the pokedex and after knowing which moves you want you need to check  at which Egg Group it is so the other parent who has the egg move would be compatible . 

You would only need to breed egg moves once since only 1 of the parents needs to know it regardless if its a male or female . 

Regular IVS chart 


2x31 = 1x31 + 1x31 , both hold different brace .

3x31 = 2x31 + 2x31 , both hold different brace , both have 1 common IV.

4x31 = 3x31 + 3x31 , both hold different brace , both have 2 common IVS.

5x31 = 4x31 + 4x31 , both hold different brace , both have 3 common IVS.

6x31 = 5x31 + 5x31 , both hold different brace , both have 4 common IVS.

If you are wondering how much this could cost you , check this breeding costs by Matoka !



Special thanks to : Xythony

for helping me with some of the charts that you see !


Author : DavidzRR





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Those are the 7 items that you can buy at any daycare ! 

Do you have to have a certain number of badges or some other type of progress in order to buy them? I visited the Kanto breeder and I couldn't find an means of buying these items.

Edit: Oh, I forgot about the weirdness of the first daycare center not allowing more than one Pokemon and having limited functionality. My bad. :)

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