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Give 3 selectable IVs to pvp reward pokemon



I think it would be better to give 3 selectable ivs to the pvp reward pokémon, considering there are pokes that are coming out a lot, like Crobat, Ferrothorn, Forretress or Garchomp for example, that need 3 ivs to work well. (Ex: Ferrothorn 31 ps - 31 def - 0 speed, Crobat 31 ps - 31 def - 31 speed) Well ... Considering that the pokémon are coming out like this, and considering that for a pokémon like Ferrothorn, 2 ivs can be selected. .. Limiting for that reason, having a value of 1200 points, and earning approximately 30 pts, having a veteran coach role (it is assumed that the ELO influences the amount of points, idk if they have already changed it).


it would be 1200 (Number of points) divided by 30 (average number of points obtained playing with an HO team), multiplying it by ten (Average number of minutes of a duel ... assuming they are very fast duels vs another HO) divided by 30 (average points obtained playing with an HO team), it would result in 400 minutes, more than 6 hours, for a pokémon that if it is not a sweeper it will be very, very limited ... I think it is quite a long time, so I think it is a good idea to pvp rewards with 3 selectable IVs instead of 2.

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