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Pvp system

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4 minutes ago, stollenmemes said:

Bruhh im new at pvp but man all of my enemies are ranked elite veteran and there pokemons is like god tier level vs my pokemons almost weak and pathetic its like im being feed by a predator.

I mean Pvp is very unfair for us 

Do you know what does TRAINING means?

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Just now, FameCreator said:

I don't think you are supposed to PvP with random story mons.

That is also a thing. If you are using Story mons, you will easily get rekt, no doubt. The Evs are spreaded in every Stat and the Ivs could be bad

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If you want to PvP, Here's my suggestion:

1) Finish at least 2 regions

2) Catch some breeders (check the ivs)

3) Get your first choice that you want to use in PvP

4) Start breeding till you get at least 2x31 in the species' best stats

5) Ev train

6)Repeat 2, 3, 4, 5



Edit: Pokeballs are 200,  the breeding bracelets are 10k each and everstones are at least 6k in GTL. I suggest you "Don't waste any money while completing the regions"

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