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Läva League Rosters

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Läva League Rosters

We have finally concluded a fierceful auction that took less than 3 days, and here are the results:


Chad Chinglings

KevinDaPokeTrain (M) - OU, UU

Kamowanthere (C) - OU, NU, DB

Takens - OU, UU, NU, DB

Grdzick - OU, UU, NU

AndreeBonifacio - OU, UU

Weeb - OU

DetectiveKajuaru - NU

KenDude - NU, LC


Ricardo Milotics

PoseidonWrath (M) - All

XerxusCaine (C) - All

Getovaherez - All

TitoCas - OU, UU, LC

xAgisx - OU, UU, NU

Terresa - OU, LC

SirOzwald - OU, LC

ExCesar - NU


Attack On Tyranitar

xMikasaAckerman (M) - All

Leviatharian (C) - OU, UU, NU, DB

Endiii - OU

MasterCoyote - OU

MafiosoPH - UU

HeroGarou - NU


ChillaS - LC


The Rocky Shelmets

Kriliin (M) - All

TheDH (C) - All

NzAdam - OU, UU, DB

RareBush - OU, UU

Trelos - UU

Jaafri - NU

Lactosoid - DB

Fangtastic - DB


Feel Are Poliwrath

MonkeyDMathew (M) - All

Wally (C) - NU

Isadora - OU, UU, NU

Woozu - OU

Mobuto - UU

Largeflower - NU

Eklin - DB

FenixFox - DB


Jack o' Lanturns

LimbowRed (M) - OU, UU, NU

BielDarkzin (C) - OU, UU, LC

Baneadito - All

Taystee - OU, UU

Deploic - OU, UU

SnoopySteve - OU, NU

HannsPizarro - DB

Rakhmaninov - DB


Here are all the rosters completed. Please contact Limbow if you see a spelling mistake or tier adjustment to be made.


Send your rosters to Limbow except if you are against Limbow's team in which case, send your rosters to MonkeyDMathew.


Deadline for rosters for Week 1: Saturday 23rd January.


Week 1 will commence on Monday 25th January at 12 am GMT.




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