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[GUI] PokeMMO UI Redesign Concept

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6 minutes ago, fg34gfrgf said:

All this time later and STILL no GUI made up yet,. What a joke.

This is only a concept. The OP didn't promise anything. The OP is not obligated to make us anything. It's their wish. 

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57 minutes ago, Imperial said:

Code one similar for us please uwu

If there is a true want from multiple members in the forum community here, I can definitely look to make the redesign concept come to life in the form of an actual GUI theme that you can use.


I have created this theme (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/136375-gui-abdg-a-better-default-gui-theme/) recently and I actually took some ideas from the concept itself and was able to make it happen.


Le me know everyone :)

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