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[GUI] PokeMMO UI Redesign Concept

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3 hours ago, JaredNattyDaddyTKL said:

thats a screenshot from a build when i was working wiith star and the graphical elemtns of the types are my creation and the pokemon are from our gen 6 mod and my other gen mod lol what are you talking emblem 


He said it doesn't even exist and that this whole thread is lies. You just proved its real with that comment. 

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7 hours ago, Emblemious said:

He said it doesn't even exist and that this whole thread is lies. You just proved its real with that comment. 

The point that was made from @nurver9 original recent comment in this thread, this is and as far as we can tell will only ever truly be concept art. I did in fact create a GUI based on the concept images in this original thread. I removed it due to the theme becoming outdated and I did not want a broken build available in this thread.


This community needs to keep a close eye on the customization area as "we" are about to release something very interesting.



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  • 2 weeks later...

For some reason users still are replying to this dead-thread and giving this yet another chance to confuse people.

Allow me to make this abundantly clear:

This thread is a sham. The "UI redesign concept theme" doesn't exist. It's not real, anything pictured here is purely concept art, or is completely fabricated. That's all it is, concept art.

This would be fine normally- that's the point of concept art. To pose as an example. However OP(s) are potentially planning on repurposing this thread using all of your clicks and traffic as a way to popularize whatever garbage product they decide to upload.

Here's @starnacle and @Lacei's response to @AnonymousPoke and I several months ago when we began developing their project for them:

(AKA- The actual theme you may have downloaded in this thread on page 7 before we removed it because it was deprecated.)

Let's break this down:


It's pretty good so far, and for starting from scratch you've made some great progress, I would like to say that while I appreciate you guys attempting to make the concept an actual reality, we don't really view it that way which is why we aren't / won't be editing the thread.

For a few months after the original thread was created we decided to also make a theme, we separated these however and we were more focussed on creating a theme that was based on the original concept, as I'm sure you know that it's pretty much impossible with the current way UI aspects and themes are handled within PokeMMO to truly bring the concept we made to life. Until we can do that and actually introduce the more difficult aspects such as the battle HUD, moveable/scalable UI aspects and new features, in our eyes, it will remain a concept.

They didn't like our work. Whatever. It was literally a 1:1 materialization which this original concept art inspired. To each their own.

However, just because they couldn't figure out how to read TWL code, doesn't mean we don't know how.



I would also like to inform you that both me and Star are still working on the theme we started to make, it has been very on/off the last few months due to real life priorities but it's still something we're looking to release and we will likely be using our original thread as a platform to release it.

Using this previous forum post as a platform to release a subpar interface that resembles nothing like the concept art is scummy. That's the definition of false advertisement.



We are more than willing to credit your work and also perhaps add a download to your theme based on our concept as well, let me know how you feel about that. 


Myself nor @AnonymousPoke will allow our content or any of our previous legacy content to be utilized to boost this thread that has been carried on under false pretenses, especially after @starnacle and @Lacei made it clear they didn't want to work with us, for what reason is unbeknownst to me. 

Frankly, I'm done being nice about it- in layman's terms: You're not getting a free ride off of 500+ hours of our work. The majority of this thread's interest was kept alive by @AnonymousPoke's hard work.

I am tired of seeing this thread bumped for absolutely no reason. @Lacei Your red 16 pt joke of a disclaimer that "This is not a mod" obviously is not cutting it.

@starnacle Update your thread with further clarification, or remove it.



We did also try to reach out to some of my former colleagues on the Staff Team, including Darkshade, Shu, Djinn and Desu about changing the way themes are handled and implementing a better system. This is unfortunately, low on the list of priorities for the game in it's current state, which is understandable. They didn't however deny that this will happen and I feel somewhat hopeful that in the future we'll be less limited with our creativity.  

This is where things get ignorant. This is absolutely ridiculous and all it is, is just name dropping users to seem like they know what they're talking about. The majority of limitations or roadblocks that were discussed, have been worked around and entirely new code has been written.

Here's a separate inquiry by @Lacei in customization suggestions:



We realized quickly that we aren't able to do a lot of the creative things we came up with, as the themes only work in a way that allows you to edit already existing UI features rather than add them, for example; 

This is asinine. They didn't do any work at all, they tried modifying the Summary widget and a handful of buttons. The rest of what is in this thread, is entirely concept art. Half of what was actually shown here is doctored anyways. I have used the version of the "theme they were working on". It's nothing more than a test variant of the default theme with slightly different colors and a giant watermark with @starnacle's handle on the main screen.

This is where lack of knowledge comes into play, @starnacle may have been able to create a nice and neat web-based demo, however 90% of their ideas didn't translate into the game at all.

People really seem to confuse the hard limitations this game has between the emulator client, the interface and the ROMs- or just flat out don't know anything about the engine. You're only held within the confines of the compiled code and tied to some of the constant data that is pulled from the ROMs.

This is when @AnonymousPoke and I were ready and available, possibly the only two individuals capable of writing an entirely new UI in the past decade this game has existed, and we were essentially told we were not good enough for them.

@AnonymousPoke and I's skillset becomes evermore valuable by the day as old school TWL documentation continues to age out and is wiped from the internet.

The PokeMMO developers would have to overhaul the emulator in a major way in order to add support for scaling certain content that is pulled from the ROMs. It is more than likely not plausible. You can already scale TWL widgets on the fly, we've achieved this- however it's pointless as the data from the ROMs doesn't care if the widget it is inside of is made larger or smaller.



My friend is more than sufficient in coding and designing and believes he would for sure be able to implement this if only he had the means to do so, we considered a mod and we are currently working on a theme but it is frustrating only being able to add bits and pieces of what we worked on due to lack of function. 

If anyone knows of any way we may be able to fully implement this or if one of the staff members/developers is able to give us some feedback on if this is possible or not or if there are any aspirations to change this in the future we would greatly appreciate it.


Boy, that sure aged like milk, didn't it?

So, forums users- would you like to download and use something actually tangible that @AnonymousPoke and I built from the ground up and poured our hearts and souls into: 

Or, would you like to sit around here waiting for something that is never going to drop in a thread where you're not appreciated?


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  • 3 weeks later...

@AnonymousPoke  @nurver9


so to start off i never meant to offend you guys at all, i think this was just a big misunderstanding honestly. i started this concept because i loved pokemon when i was a kid, then me and lacei found this game and it was really fun to play. but i really didn't like looking at the UI lol. i'm a UI/UX designer and i've done stuff like this before in the past with music players and websites where i'd just completely redesign them for fun and never done anything with it. the projects would just sit on my computer because i legit just do them as time wasters, i personally think its pretty fun to have little projects like this. it was completely just for fun and i would've never posted it anywhere if it wasn't for lacei encouraging me to put it on the forums. then from there in my head i was like "wow i made something pretty cool here maybe this can actually be in the game one day". then i kid you not i worked on making the theme in game for 2 hours and just stopped because i didn't like the framework lol. i'm big on web developing and i love doing html, css, js projects. making the theme in game just wasn't fun for me at all, which was the whole point i started this to just have fun. on top of that i had just started college and i was very busy with work so i definitely drifted far from this entirely. and i don't know if you can tell but i'm pretty introverted, i've never written one thing myself entirely on this form (besides this post lol) because i'm not really a good writer haha. lacei was a big help on that part. i had so many ideas about the ui functionality and im not going to lie i just didn't know how to implement them in the actual game haha. so i'm sorry if i gave off the vibes that this was ever gonna become a "theme" or whatever in the actual game because realistically i never intended for it to be. but regardless i'm glad the concept inspired you to work on Exemplar, i haven't fully checked it out but it looks like you guys are doing big things and i hope it goes far! i know i couldn't do anything close to that, and that's why i started working on the web page with all the ideas i had in mind for my concept because i'm pretty knowledgeable in web development. i really like working on it, and every month or so i come back to the web page just to play around with it for fun. hopefully i can use it in my portfolio one day! haha but again i'm sorry for this misunderstanding and good luck to you guys. 🙂

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@starnacle It was and still a good concept, don't worry about people, they tend to make drama and get offended by minor things, or get picky, nowadays when internet it's mostly common everywhere and critizise dosnt need much effort it's pretty easy to have people going rumbling about things they don't even concern


@xJoseee can moderate this thread please?

it's full offtopic going on

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On 20/1/2021 at 0:30, starnacle said:

Hi there,


As you can tell by the title I have recently been working on a UI Redesign Concept for PokeMMO. I have a lot of previous graphic design experience, and one of the fields I enjoy working on the most is GUI design. I really enjoy PokeMMO, however at times I feel that the UI can be frustrating to navigate, and although the current UI does fit with the game pretty well. I feel like it could be a lot more modernized, clean and generally more optimized for ease of access and better appearance, which is what I have attempted to do here.


I first thought about making a theme, however after looking into it and reading some forum posts I realized that it would restrict a lot of what I was hoping to change, so I decided to make a full-blown concept instead for a new more engaging and pleasing UI.


I would like to clarify that this is NOT a theme/mod

It is only a concept and at the moment there is no way to FULLY implement this into the game. I am considering making a theme or possibly a mod that allows for the complete changes and additions I have made to be included properly, however that would take some time and research so I decided to get some feedback from the community first.  


Below are some of the screenshots of the concept UI as well as comparisons (mine on the left) with the current UI being used in the game. (I am in no way criticizing the current UI) however I do believe some things could be changed and optimized for a more user-friendly clean experience. The current UI does an amazing job at sticking with the classic retro Pokémon look, but in my opinion PokeMMO is growing into a more vast and complex game that incorporates the classic feeling of the original Pokémon games and also that of an amazing MMO and believe the UI should also branch towards that. 


Feel free to look through the screenshots, the UI is not fully completed and a lot of things are still in the works, (such as a Login Screen, Store Menu, Breeding Menu and more.)

This is what I have completed so far; 


  • Resumen de Pokémon
  • Inventario de personajes / bolsa
  • Hotbar / Barras de herramientas 
  • Vínculo comercial global
  • Tarjeta de entrenador
  • Caja de depósito para PC 
  • Barra de fiesta
  • Ventana de chat
  • Minimapa (nuevo)
  • Pantalla superior izquierda
  • Pantalla de batalla

Agradecería cualquier comentario / sugerencia u opinión general de la comunidad y hágame saber qué le gustaría ver para conceptos futuros.



Rediseño completo






Pantalla de batalla








Resumen de Pokémon


5MgIbRb.png   24wr4pU.png


Inventario de personajes / bolsa


WsKOWfn.png   saChzFf.png


Tarjeta de entrenador


image.png.086bdeb9f3bf2fa60a39c3ecd0fc6287.png   FGfy5zC.png


Caja de depósito para PC






Barra de fiesta


image.png.edca600f8dbd08d916eaad53f32e396b.png   gPxgQND.png




image.png.00b5d1d54f3a63cca77a959be72ed3e2.png   yKZCS6X.png


Barra de herramientas


image.png.9df243febcdb1f66b0f797c0ad884f5e.png   x71gczF.png


Ventana de chat


image.png.9fc45ac791a2fbab343edd12cdf473fa.png   ZUj2qfy.png


Minimapa (nuevo)




Pantalla superior izquierda


image.png.0c5827684df15d8f30857ba2c01a18b5.png   5p12pkL.png


Vínculo comercial global







También debo decir que la interfaz de usuario del concepto en este momento usa un acento azul, pero lo haría personalizable por el usuario para una variedad de colores (incluido el oscuro). También estoy considerando crear una especie de página web que muestre la interfaz de usuario completa y permita a los usuarios interactuar con ella como lo harían en el juego, esto ayudaría a mostrar los cambios que hice detrás de escena junto con animaciones y cualquier nueva actualización que realice. , avíseme si eso es algo que le interese.


¡Gracias por leer!

donde ta link de descarga ?


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