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Need help to make a team

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Hey I’m new to competitive team building and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on Pokémon to include on my team. So far I got Jolteon, Arcanine, and Gengar (all with smogon BW setups). Also was wondering if I can have UU in OU

Some Pokémon I really like and would love to include 1 or more: Lucario, Scizor, Breloom, Umbreon, Cloyster, Gliscor, Garchomp, Haxorus, starmie, venasaur, Roserade (I would love to include Roserade and Lucario or Scizor)

Pokémon’s I’d like to avoid using: ferrothorn, conkeldurr, excadrill

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You can use UU in OU, and NU in UU or OU etc.  When learning how to play pokemon I would really focus on 2 things to start. 1 the type of teams you want to play, and 2 using teams that work before you build your own. One thing many new players seem to miss is the idea of win conditions and how different team types function. In a very basic way,


Stall is all about attrition and outlasting your opp, force your opp to beat you rather than you beating them. Setup hazards, keep them off ur side, click toxic on switches, recover on attacks, and so on. These game will go on longer but will help you understand opp threats and how to properly deal with them. You will however be very prone to being in unfavorable positions due to double switches, and can have very limited options and tools to deal with stall breakers (Sub Chandelure, Taunt Gengar, Trick scarf/barb stuff). Stall is one of the easier team types to get a good grasp on and climb quickly but you will struggle vs good players until you improve other parts of your game. 


Offense/HO, is the opposite of stall and as such is all about beating ur opp into submission. If you like dancing, meditation, plotting, or just choices in general offense is for you. Generally quick games that will be decided in a few key turn, HO is once again a fairly beginner friendly style to pickup. Poke a hole in the opp team using a wallbreaker and then flood thru the with a nice speedy booster. Traditionally offense teams focused heavily on either physical or special mons but see more diversity now on both ends with mixed offense teams being very strong as well. The biggest learning curve here is going to be identifying your important mons to win the game early and focusing on maximizing them, and learning what can be let go of easily.  You will learn how to break through opp teams and what mons you will need to win but will also need to get rid of the natural inhibition to keep your pokemon alive. The very opposite of stall in which your primary focus should be keeping everything relatively healthy and not let anything get overwhelmed. 


Balance, the best team type, and the trap that many new players fall into imo. Balance in my opinion is the hardest style to play and master, as you must manage both offensively aggressing on ur opp some games and outlasting in others or a mix from game to game. Some games it will be important to give up 2-3 mons to remove a big threat so one of ur mons can outlast the rest of opps team. Other times you will really want to value all of ur mons so you have extra sacks at the end of the game etc. Balance requires the most meta knowledge and "prediction." These teams can also be some of the most difficult to build as you need both a strong defensive backbone but also offensive tools to defeat your opp. Many high level games are Balance on Balance which are also some of the most entertaining. I would actually advise against playing balance until you have had some success with both HO and Stall. While you can just learn how to play balance through experience I think you will have a much better understanding of how to play/win against other team types by using them before you jump right into the more difficult playstyle. 


Bulky Offense and Semi-Stall are also fairly distinct playstyles but I do not think are worth explaining for your question. Field Effect teams generally fall into the offense category and play fairly similarly to other offense teams but with a focus around activating and sustaining the turns you have ur Weather/TR up.


I think this is a very long answer to your seemingly simple question but I think it is valuable for newer players to competitive to focus on A. What they enjoy the most and B.  What is the best way to improve at the game. Looking at the mons you listed I think Offense suits the pokemon you like using, although I am not sure if that is how you enjoy to play. Something like Garchomp as Lead Rocker, Starmie Hazard Removal/spec attacker, Cloyster Setup Sweeper, Magnezone/Scizor as choiced trappers (zone probably works better). From here I would look for an offensive mon with a ground immunity, and then a physical wallbreaker to get rid of threats to cloyster.  This is just the general idea of how you may want to build an offense team using some of the mons you listed. 


Best of Luck, ^^  


Edit: I also wanted to add that, spectating higher elo battles and copying a team or getting a team that works from a successful player is much better than making ur own to start. Teambuilding is by far the hardest skill in Pokemon and is the part of the game that distinguishes players the most.

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Thank you so much for this detailed answer. I do think I'm probably suited towards Offensive teams or HO teams. I'm gonna read up on each position and spectate some battles. Seriously once again thank you! 

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