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climate rocks





and happy new year !

I recently reconnected to pokemmo to find a lot of changes, glad to see that devs are still very active on this game.

Mainly, i noted that climate rocks were implanted, and i wonder if it could be possible to include a rock that extend the duration of trick room, a bit like in pokemon reborn:


My question is totally genuine, i have no idea of the consequences it could have on the competition.

I hope that this link do not violate the website policy (I edit if someone make me the remark).

Have a nice day,


a potato

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Unlike weather Trick Room can only be removed/negated by using Trick room again. This makes it have little counterplay outside of outplaying ur opp or outlasting the turns and taking advantage. While it may not become completely broken I think that effects such as this that have little counterplay are anti competitive and make the game much more match up based. 


For PVE games like Reborn it makes sense since they already have "fields" and increased difficulty to tip the odds in opp favor most of the time anyway.

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