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Hello everyone,i am BlueNose from china .I  have been running a website about pokemmo since 2019.12.17,in  more than a year, there are more and more functions in my website,since its a bit difficult for me to internationalize the entire website, i select some simple,clear ,useful functions which i remake into english and be glad to introduce it to you.I rent a cloud server and its put in ShangHai China,I hope there is less or no delay while you are using it.

Here are the Index:

      Urls Are UPDATED!(2021-06-27 16:50PM UTC+8) For new UI Version Released

If you are intersting in the entire project,Welcome to BlueNose's PokeMMO ToolBox(Cn),dont forget to use translator like google translator etc.(i try the translator to translate my remaked english page into chinese,its a little strange but generally acceptable,lol)

Then i will reply this post to illustrate these functions that are translated into english.











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Shiny Breeding IVs Calculator:

updated url: https://www.noseblue.cn/#/BreedRate_en(2021-08-14)

You may read about the shiny breeding rules by kyu


If both parents are Shiny, the child will now always be Shiny. When breeding Shinies, the child's IV inheritance behaves differently:

  • 4 random IVs are passed directly from the parents to the child. Of these 4, 2 will always be the highest possible value and 2 may be chosen by Braces.
  • 2 are averaged.

To be honest, its hard for me to fully understand it.There were a lot of rumors at that time,like 3+3=6 which means two shiny pokemons with non overlapping 3x31 can breed to be 6x31, but no one succeeded in practice.In April 2020,my friend @dorybo started to study the rules,he collected a lot of shiny breeding screenshots and data,and tried to come to a conclusion.I joined his study after i finished some functions of my website in May 2020, i supported 10m cash for him to buy shiny Tentacool with no 31 ivs that we could test by ourselives in any way,we tested with 2 braces case, 1 brace and 1 everstone case,only 1 everstone case,none breeding item case,finally we come to a conclusion.


On June 29, 2020, through a large number of experiments, we can draw the basic conclusion through the observation value:

  1. breeding shiny with 2 different braces:the two ivs with braces,obviously inherit their parents' ivs,then there are 4 ivs left,random two of these 4 ivs will inherit the highest ivs between their parents' ivs, and the last 2 ivs will take the average of their parents' ivs.
  2. breeding shiny with 1 brace and 1 everstone(or two same brace):the iv with brace,obviously inherit its parents'iv,then there are 5 ivs left,random 3 of these 5 ivs will inherit the highest ivs between their parents' ivs,the last 2 ivs will take the average of their parents' ivs.
  3. breeding shiny with no brace:random 3 of 6 ivs inherit the highest ivs between their parents' ivs,then there are 3 ivs left,random 2 of these 3 ivs will take the average of their parents' ivs, and the last 1 iv will take either the lowest or the highest iv from parent.The rate to take lowest or highest iv is tested to be 50%.
  4. round down,which means if take the average of 30-31,it will be 30,if take the average of 0-1,it will be 0.

On the basis of this theory, i made this function to calculate the number and probaility of 31 ivs while breeding shiny pokemons , since its difficult to list all kinds of case,but we must realize that high ivs are also useful and valulable.



How To Use

Its easy to understand and operate,just look the example i give you here





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updated url:https://www.noseblue.cn/#/EggMoveSearch_en (2021-08-14)

I find many players like me that are pluzzed about how a pokemon learn his eggmoves so i try to make a automatic function to show the eggmove learning way.I must say thank you to staffs, DEVs(i dont know which one) and @YIBU support me the game data all the time,pokemon-move data is over 50k records,its important sooooooooo much like the gas to the car.


How to Use

Its also easy to understand and operate,look my example





  1. 236_0.gif.a65f34ddb9a97d73fd30457feee65e15.gifTyrogue Familys not included,they learn eggmove by evovling to the different type,they are special.
  2. 25_0.gif.e38fbc3eaedbe40dc85ce631d720f3a1.gifPikachus  learning 13.png.1780883f2dcc71333ca57b6c107b358e.pngVolt Tackle is special,its egg and item which means it doesnt need to find eggmove link ,also not included.
  3. There is no eggmove links for 198_0.gif.0f1da04761fdd5b68bd1add789ca1a15.gifMurkrow to learn eggmove 17.png punishiment,its a mistake in original pokemon game,but you can get one by gift or event reward.
  4. I also list the uneggmoves,because there are moves both eggmove and uneggmove,and if you find the eggmove you thought would be but not in the eggmoves ,you can check the uneggmoves.or there will be my mistake.

  5. I list out the pokemon's all family members if they can all learn the eggmoves,i would have sent only one member of their family to present,buy i found a unexcept case that made me to change it.532_0.gif.552a94b6df746ba71e5be79c610f340f.gifTimburr Family learning 2.png.cbee372043c4ee738b402c4079aead9f.pngMach Punch Case,if i only sent one member of their famliy what will happen?


    there are only 107_0.gif.cb1dcdc14cd4b870d2c517d58d4b7307.gifHitmonchan(Base) and 392_0.gif.c07fe370f7a8fd3825c868a6efdb2282.gifInfernape(Base) present(order by level),if you are familiar with market price, to buy a lv.25 390_0.gif.8f113a7dbdaf71a18d7ff0ced72b5a50.gifChimchar and just get it 1 level up and evolve is much cheaper than to buy a 107_0.gif.cb1dcdc14cd4b870d2c517d58d4b7307.gifHitmonchan,so i decided to show all the members of family that can learn the eggmove.
  6. I'll only show you the two-stage form of eggmovelinks at most.Its a little bit hard for me to explain well for you only in english,so i made some pictures to tell what does two-stage form means in my design.



    That means after i find one stage(direct pokemons or not) eggmove links, i will contiune to find a more longer way as the second stage eggmove links,normally the second stage is one more length(poekmon) than the first stage,but there are many exceptions as i list here.The second stage is the extension of the first stage to find another way to learn eggmoves,maybe its more cheaper especailly when shiny breeding.And i wont find and show the third stage,its not neccessary and its a waste in most case.


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Capture Rate Calculating:

updated url: https://www.noseblue.cn/#/CaptureRate_en(2021-02-09)

The principle is simple,go through the wiki and copy the formula,fill the params then wait the result.


Capture Rate Formula:

B = (300 - 2 * the precent of the current_hp) / 300.0 * pokemon_catch_rate * ball_catch_rate * pokemon_state(burn etc) * {pokemon_safari_state(angry etc)}(if in the safari zone)

If B>= 255,then the capture rate is 100%.

Else int G = (int) (1048560 / Math.pow(16711680 / B, 0.25));
        double rate = Math.pow(G / 65537.0, 4) * 100;


But there are also some differences in pokemmo.

In the wild:

283.png.682b7f65daba59105288d0eb5518bcf4.pngNest Ball's capture rate is depended on pokemon's level.




285.png.ecdb76580ddbe1fe15e5da2da36dbb8e.pngTimer Ball's capture rate is depended on the battle rounds.

Round1 - Round5:x1.0

Round6 - Round9:x1.5

Round10 - Round12:x2.25

Round Over 12:x3.0

Studied and Tested By @BlueNose in 2020.2

In the safari:

280.png.2e7bc491cbbfbf9f2c41290bd2ef132c.pngSafari Ball's capture rate is fixed x1.5

But there are some differences about safari hunting in pokemmo.

Firstly,no matter how many times you throw the stone or bait,it only counts one time about hunting rate,which means if you throw one stone or one bait and then another,it wont change the hunting rate.

Secondly,throwing a stone will make the hunting rate x2.0,and throwing a bait makes it x0.5.

Thirdly,there is only one safari state of pokemon,nothing/watch carefully(x1.0) or angry(throw stones x2.0) or eating (throw baits x0.5),and its depended on the action before you throw safari ball,which means if you throw a biat then a stone,its only count as throwing a stone,vice versa.

Studied and Tested By @BlueNose in 2020.12

374_0.gif.481d8807128747bc70431944c9489678.gifBeldum Familys' capture rate is tested to be around 25. 3 in original game.

147_0.gif.cf8d0c1dcfe83e417cc71ba51bb2fc21.gifDratini and148_0.gif.e8077dadfa9356551e097f1e27bdac45.gifDragonair 's capture rate is tested to be 90. 45 in original game.

149_0.gif.f549ea1a04187168cd028e345b825ab8.gifDragonite's capture rate is still 45.

I think there are temporary changes to pokemon capture rate in the game.


How to Use

I know the pokemon capture rate and ball capture rate,guess what pokemon hunting rate am i calculating



i am not sure about the pokemon and ball capture rate




There are two exceptions i meet that i cant 100% catch the pokemon when the theoretical probability is 100%,first the angry 129_0.gif.3446b2cd251483099b473025c80b4808.gifMagikarp in the safari zone,second the sleeping 187_0.gif.b15cc422372acc88c318d1bf22797115.gifHoppip catched by 278.png.e819942fdcc3c503cfaf1863cbec063d.pngGreat Ball in the island 4,Kanto in the night,although its a extremly low probability case,but it shows there is something i might not know about hunting system,maybe DEVs know about it lol.

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I reply it for inform guys that PokeMMO Tool Box has been updated today (2021-02-09), i rebuild the html part of the project with Vue 3.x ,before it was jquery, as the starter of Vue user i feel not bad with my rebuilding,but there will be more and more problems for me,a rookie of vue user to deal with, learning a new skill is a big challenge ,but thats a huge improve for the whole project, and i plan to translate more good functions in English,i hope guys like it.

For the rebuilding of Vue , the Urls are also updated:

Shiny Breeding IVs Calculator: https://www.noseblue.cn/#/BreedRate_en

EggMoveSearch: https://www.noseblue.cn/#/EggMoveSearch_en

Pokemon Capture Rate Calculator: https://www.noseblue.cn/#/CaptureRate_en









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2021-02-17 Update

Shiny Simulator


More Details and Share your screen shots or suggestions or bugs:https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/133192-funshiny-simulate/


2021-08-14 tips

not support for english anymore because new UI updated and rebuilt,i am not sure to remake a new English version for this function sometime,i am now be busy with new functions

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So I've been tinkering around with the normal breeding calculator. It is coherent with my own interpretation + calculation of how breeding works.

The thing is, I just noticed that the probabilities the old man shows when we hover over the ivs disagree with the calculations.

Case 1. When both mons are braced, the non-braced stats have 1/8 chance of low roll, 1/8 chance of high roll and 6/8 chance of average. But the game shows the chances as 1/12, 10/12, 1/12 respectively which seemed to come out of nowhere.

Case 2. When one mon is braced and the other isn't, the non-braced stats have 1/5, 3/5, 1/5 chance of each respective rolls. The game shows it as 1/6, 4/6, 1/6.

Case 3. When neither mon is braced, the stats have 1/4, 2/4, 1/4 chance of each respective rolls and the game also shows these chances.

Since case 3 basically is meaningless when breeding comps, I think there needs to be some clarification on the discrepancies of the chances expected and chances written in-game. Can some dev elaborate on this? Is it a tooltip error or is it a misinterpretation of the breeding mechanics?

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13小时前,CLOPEN 说:

So I've been tinkering around with the normal breeding calculator. It is coherent with my own interpretation + calculation of how breeding works.

The thing is, I just noticed that the probabilities the old man shows when we hover over the ivs disagree with the calculations.

Case 1. When both mons are braced, the non-braced stats have 1/8 chance of low roll, 1/8 chance of high roll and 6/8 chance of average. But the game shows the chances as 1/12, 10/12, 1/12 respectively which seemed to come out of nowhere.

Case 2. When one mon is braced and the other isn't, the non-braced stats have 1/5, 3/5, 1/5 chance of each respective rolls. The game shows it as 1/6, 4/6, 1/6.

Case 3. When neither mon is braced, the stats have 1/4, 2/4, 1/4 chance of each respective rolls and the game also shows these chances.

Since case 3 basically is meaningless when breeding comps, I think there needs to be some clarification on the discrepancies of the chances expected and chances written in-game. Can some dev elaborate on this? Is it a tooltip error or is it a misinterpretation of the breeding mechanics?

Thank you for replying and checking the result of calculator,when we were studying shiny breeding iv probabilities,we found the old man in the breeding house show the probabilities which disagree much with the calculations,Staff [GM]YIBU @YIBU told us that  the panel information given by the old man about the probability of IV is not true,so the same for normal breeding.

I am sure that old man showing the right probabilities of every iv when breeding needs a lot of computation based on current breeding algorithm,but i didnt study or take much care about how the wrong probabilities of ivs generate , Instead of looking at the probabilities given by the old man, I now almost always check at my own calculator,

But its a misunderstand to be corrected for those who do not know much about the current breeding algorithm.I am sorry for not reporting or making any decalre about it.

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2021-03-05 Updated

Berry Profit Calculator




Ok,i am going to do a long speech again lol,the preface is about the story and the history of this function,you can just skip it and turn into the How To Use Part.Its better if you decide to take a read ^^


Well,its a little bit late to translate the function into English since it is one of the earliest functions i have made even before PokeMMO ToolBox(PTB) was online as a website project(2019.12.17),its very famous among chinese players especially when the 67 hours berry farming is so popular which makes me to build such a function.

At first,i only built the planting profit model one in 2019.6 in jar (pc version needs jre and its difficult for players to use which makes me consider about building an online project),and player @sanha contacted me and asked if i was intersted in figuring out how berry peeling works.I was a little reluctant at first, but at his insistence, we started a crazy berry peeling experiment.After obtaining a large number of observation data,i couldnt sum up the rules of berry peeling.After few days brain storm,suddenly in a night before i slept,i got a thought in my mind that might be the closing one,and the dream was also about it,i quickly woke up next day and try the thought ,cool it was the exact one!With the new peeling mode which no chinese player sum up the rules,Berry Profit Calculator Function was totally built.

How To Use

1.set your seed prices or use the default one we provide.



1.We will provide you a default seed prices which is set by administrators and you can see the last time the prices were set by dorybo on 2021-03-05,and the chinese words are the note about the update of prices,we will start to note both in Chinese and Engilsh next time.

2.If you have different ideas about the seed prices you can clear and refill them,but remember it that the prices you update is one-off,so dont fresh your page or they will be default again.There will be cookies or localStorage to keep the prices beyond session Soon TM lol.

2.determine a berry by choosing it directly or by using seeds formula





1.If you choose the berry directly,three seed selects will automatically show up the seed formula.

2.If you choose the seeds then the berry select also will automatically show up the berry.

3.Automatically adjust seed formula according to the prices.

3.choose the model of berry profit:planting or peeling?and fill the holes and price params



3.1 planting mode


I show the profit formula in planing mode first

planting profit = planting holes * ( single berry selling price * exception number of gain in each berry hole - total price of planting seeds for single berry )

Cheri Berry for example

planting holes: you must be familar with the hole number 144(no crossing the river in Unova),156(all holes in Unova),189(all holes in both Unova and Hoenn),so i pick the 156 as usual.

single berry selling price: you can sell them to npc or players,if npc the price is fixed in 400,if players it depends on market. I pick 700.

exception number of gain in each berry hole:A Cheri Berry is gained 3-6 per hole,so the exception number is 4.5.Its the calculator's work.

total price of planting seeds for single berry:As we know A Cheri Berry asks for 3 plain spicy degree ,and with 3 seed hole we can find two way to plant it:3 plain spicy seeds or 1 very spicy seed and 1 plain spicy seed.And 1 very spicy seed price is set 1870 which is more than 2 times of plain spicy seed price that is 700.So there will be the 3 plain spicy seeds way,and planting A Cheri Berry costs for 3*700 = 2100,Its  also the calculator's work.

so we have already prepared,just click the button and see the result


ok notice the words per day,because the Cheri Berry grows for 16 hours in reality so there is / 1 

Lets check out the 67 hours berry's profit formula and you will find its / 3 (67 < 3*24 = 72)



3.2 peeling mode



It was found that peeling berry into seeds for selling was more profitable when players were keen to farm 67 hours berries and sell them to npc,the peeling way was rising.Its also the difficult part for me to describe and guys to learn.

Lets start with How Berry Peeling Works


Each kind of berries is corresponding to a flavor degree.Like Cheri Berry needs 3 plain spicy degree and with 3 seed holes to fill the degree it has two way to fill which means the flavor degree is the only factor to determine a berry but not seed formula,which will turn into the flavor degree.It's a little tongue twister lol.

I design a code for them.

flavor position code: sour = 1,sweet = 2,bitter = 3,spicy = 4,bitter = 5,(i know 0 is the start of an array but i dont use it)

degree code:plain = 1,very = 2.

So Cheri Berry code is 00030 (sour degree,sweet degree,bitter degree,spicy degree,dry degree),every seed formula firstly turn into such a berry code then find the only berry by the code.So what the code is for 2 very sour seeds? its 40000 and its Iapapa Berry.

Finally we will go into the theme of peeling after introducing so much coding.This is positive for combining seeds into berry, and reverse for turning berry into seeds,They all need the berry code.If the degree is more than 1,the berry can be peeled out the very seed of the flavor corresponding to this degree.Cheri Berry 00030 can be peeled out for both plain and very seeds right?And the ratio bewteen plain and very is 7:3,its confirmed in a berry guide writen in 2016.


Crafting updates [Kyu] .....

(Tier 1/Tier 2 seed rates remain the same, 70%/30%). Previously this was 1 or 2 (at a 75/25% rate respectively.)

And also the max number of seeds is 3,so for Colbur Berry(30020) can only be 1 very sour seed + 1 plain sour seed + 1 very spicy seed.

For Leppa Berry(01120),it peels plain sweet seed,plain bitter seed,plain spicy seed and very spicy seed,since 1 for sweet and bitter flavor degree dont create very seed,the 7:3 ratio only happens in spicy flavor degree.so the ratio of the flavor is 1:1:2(sweet:bitter:spicy) and for more details is 1:1:0.6:1.4(plain sweet:plain bitter:plain spicy:very spicy),and finally simplify the ratio to 25%:25%:35%:15%.So for a Leppa Berry,the peeling seeds sells 25% * 950 + 25% * 1050 + 35% * 700 + 15% * 1870 = 1025.5,but dont forget the cost of planting a Leppa Berry:(950 + 1050 + 1870) / 6.0 = 645 and a princer costs 350, so the peeling profit is 1025.5-645-350 = 30.5,what about selling it on market for 900 pokeyen each:(900 * 6.0 - 950 - 1050 - 1870) / 6.0 = 255.So no wonder nobody choose peeling mode than planting mode to sell Leppa Berry.

So after reading How Peeling Works,There is an extra and must step different from planting mode:Calculate Single Berry Planting Cost,just click the button and calculator do the work.






Farming berry was crazy before untill the day came,2019.07.25,the last time balance on berry system which is a good balance that limits the easy money from berry and now we just plant what we need for using.By the way,after the easy money from berry,then comes to elite4 which was cut and get a balance in recent lol.But wheter it was or is hot or not,the berry profit function records my game experience and i will keep it in mind forever.


5.2021-08-14 update

now users can set their diy seed prices in local,and these local diy seed prices will be set once page loads or reloads

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2021-03-06 update

Non-Shiny Breeding Cost Calculator



Its the oldest function i have made in PokeMMO ToolBox(PTB) (i remember it was about 2 years ago)since we were not so familiar with the breeding system then,i decided to make such a function to calculate the cost of non-shiny breeding.


Before you use it there are some matters needing attention

1.not for shiny breeding cost calculating

2.not for male only pokemon breeding cost like Tyrogue family,they can only breed with dittos which are only wild-appearing,ditto can NOT breed with each other for better ivs so male only pokemon cost huge expense for the wild good ivs dittos.as i know players who have much experience in breeding male only pokemon usually gamble,like 5x31 without good nature + 3x31 with good nature having 20% to be 5x31 with good natrue,you can click the url https://www.noseblue.cn/#/BreedRate_en ,and choose normal mode for checking the results and rules.



3.many players breed pokemons to sell ,to avoid arguements the result of calculator is for reference only,don't use it as a reason to bargain.different way of breeding may get different results and i cant make sure the results are in your expectation,and we all need to observe the market and its rules.


How To Use

1.choose a compatible mode for different cases.


we have 3 modes to choose,they are Rough mode,Detail model,and Ditto model.


Three modes are almost the same except in calculating the fees of 31s breeders.

Rough mode only ask to fill the average 1x31 breeder's fee,and detail mode allow you to choose different kinds of 1x31 breeder,because there might be big price gap among different 1x31 breeders ,like the price of atk and spatk 1x31 breeders are usually not more expensive than non atk and non spatk ones.



Ditto mode is for pokemon can only breed with themselves or dittos like Rotom family.so i prepare 2 kinds of breeders required to fill which are 0x31 breeder and 1x31 ditto,and 2 kinds of breeders optional to fill which are 1x31 breeder and 2x31 ditto.0x31 breeder's fee is 2k default(like Staryu,easy to get) and for pokemons like Rotom you need to focous on the gtl,1x31 ditto's fee is 8k default.



2.fill the parameters you need


as i mentioned in the 1st step,you must know to fill the breeders'fee parameters,lets continue.

female fee & breeder gender fee:we know we need locking pokemons in female that we can continue to breed this kind of pokemon,so for pokemon whose gender ratio is 7♂:1♀,locking female fee is 21k,and 9k for 6♂:2♀ and 0 for 0♂:8♀,otherwise the fee is all 5k.And normally we dont use pokemons with gender imbalance as breeders so the breeder gender fee is usually 5k or 0.


how many 31s & luck in good nature:we usually breed a comp with 5x31 so we choose 5v in how many 31s,and a comp means its with a good nature,so after we breed a 5x31 breeder we need to check whether its nature we want,if not,we need to breed a 4x31 breeder and check the same thing,if its nature is what we need,

we breed them together with 1brace + 1everstone+1ball+maybe 1 gender locking,if not we continue to breed a 3x31,....etc.so the luck in good nature means which 

31s you get the nature you want,the luckiest case is breeding the max 31s once with the good nature,and the unluckies case is that you need to buy a 1x31 or 0x31 natrue breeder to breed.Or you dont consider the nature then just choose No Consider option.Many players breed a 4x31 and gamble its nature to sell for a good price.


everstone & brace & ball:no need to say more haha.

3.click the GetResult button and check the details i show you






How it Works


I mean its a little bit difficult and technical to explain.

for the core part it is a Binary Tree,and the node will be a heap when in detail mode to pop the most expensive 1x31 breeders for the less 31s cost calculating in loop.

total gender locking times = 1+2^0+2^1+...+2^(N-3). N = how many 31s

female gender locking times = n -1 and if the fee is 21k we use ditto to breed utill 3x31.

breeder gender locking times = total gender locking times - female gender locking times.


Special Case to Calculate like (4x31+1x0)


solution 1:use the detail model and fill the 0 into the 1x0 breeder fee,like 1x0 for speed,we fill 0 fee into the speed 1x31 breeder.

solution 2:use rough mode and regard a 1x31+0x31 as a fake 1x31,then choose 4v in how many 31s and fill the avg fee with the cost of 1x31+1x0 or check the gtl for the fee.

its the same for 2x30 as a fake 1x31,and breeding a 5x30 with choosing 4x31 in how many 31s.


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recently i built a big function for Chinese version which made my cloud server overload many times ,so i decided to add timestamp sign for apis which allows valid access within 120 seconds,but as i looked through the logs i found some players not in china send the 'wrong' timestamp which made the request blocked, i am going to cancel the timestamp sign to deal with the pressing danger. and also with the more and more access its the time to consider about renting cloud server beyond china or upgrading the current cloud server in Shanghai,china.

the ts sign caneling will be updated in 24hours since the post and i hope i can translate more useful functions in English version.

the recent big function chinese version only is diying your pokemon teams and use them in the harm calculator 





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