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reconsider removing LC



For this I will use the points made in the DarkShade post, giving my opinion of why it is stupid to delete a level without first showing the slightest interest in keeping it.


Post from DarkShade: 



1- It is unlikely that the tier has any significant growth potential, due to its gimmick-y nature and the difficulty of building for it without a guide or stat calculator,


There are already tier guides, both a basic introductory introduction (with which I personally began my first steps in Little Cup) and a compendium fully explaining the roles of each minimally meta pokemon (Although Sinnoh had to be updated).
The guides are there, and as for the statistics calculator ... I think that to enter the meta of absolutely any tier, you need a statistics calculator such as Showdown, which serves both to calculate stats and damage, and I'm sure that a large part of the community knows how to use it without problems.
The guides are there, and the stats calculator is used at all levels.


Links for guides (Credits to lilyek and Mkns)




2- it stands little chance of gaining a large enough player-base to keep matches running consistently if given a matchmaking slot.


There is no way to really know, they are just assumptions.
I do not know if some have realized that little by little this year several new players joined the tier (especially from the Hispanic community lol) ... From what I saw throughout 2020, LC grew in small steps , but firm. And it is true that it has the smallest player base, obviously, for years it was like that, however, it is true that the tier was growing little by little thanks to the interest of new players and the contribution of the old ones to guide. they. to get into LC ... My conclusion is that saying that the level is unlikely to get a solid player base, even if matchmaking is implemented, is a huge mistake. (And this is not intended to put me in the shoes of telling staff how to do things, not at all, it's just my opinion as an LC player.) I don't think it can be assumed without trying, I think there is little interest in maintaining the level, I suppose they will have priorities, so it was decided to hastily remove a really interesting one rather than make one last attempt and put the matchmaking (good idea, suggested by NoNouGatine, who by the way had good support from the community)


Suggestion from NoNouGatine: 


3- We also believe that at this point in the game, the tournament slots it is occupying are better spent on other tiers/formats that players are more likely to invest in. We often see 16-man tournaments failing to fill, and when 32-man tournaments at more favorable times of day do fill, the people in them are often the same.


For this I decided to remember a little why it took me so long to enter the tier when I was a new player ... Personally, I had about 6 months wanting to play LC, but on the other hand, let's see ... they do not reach 10 LC tournaments monthly by adding shinys and ccs, and on the other hand, there is no matchmaking, so I will not even have a way to generate bp playing LC and I will not even be able to get something as a seasonal reward (Again I mention matchmaking as a means to boost LC , yes). Therefore, from the point of view of a player who does not play all the levels but who is interested in entering the tier, it is not so effective to make an LC team a priori, since the only way to take advantage of the level and get some kind of profit will be through tournaments. And until a new player knows the tier well enough to even make it to a one cc semi-final, it will take a while, and so they decide to focus on other levels... At least that was my point of view when I wanted to enter LC having barely Pokémon at other levels.



I don't know if the other LC players will support my opinion, I even saw that several already sold their competitive Pokémon ... But I think the level can grow to have a decent player base instead of eliminating it like this ... Yes, the ending of the LC tournament is already announced ... But it is just the name of a tournament, I think the hasty decision can still be reconsidered based on the disagreement of all LC players.

Thanks for your time. :)




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I already had little hopes that this staff team could move the game forward, but this is the first time I see them move backwards. What harm does it have that there are LC automated tournaments? And where is the necessity to move away from it? 

I personally loved the part where he says there is no calculators for it, when showdown is literally the most popular sim out there.


Why not remove Doubles format, NU and UU tiers aswell? They definitely have like 1/10 or less of OU playerbase, why even bother then.

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