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The abolition of the LC tier is incredibly unfair for the players who either main it, or have invested a lot of time and money into it. Deleting it outright, with no prior discussion, is a terrible idea.




Edit: I reworded my original post to make it less hostile. I want this thread to be a place where people can voice their opinions (both for and against), but please try and keep it civil.

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Agreed. I understand if they wanted to remove Little Cup Community Combat due to low participation and maybe somewhat decrease the number of tournaments compared to the more played tiers, but why remove it completely? It's so incredibly unfair to the players who have invested on it to have nothing to play for anymore. Why not for starters host a few tournaments once in a while and allow the LC enthusiasts to enjoy at least those? And so what if LC is gimmicky? Wasn't gimmick tournaments enforced by staff quite frequently before automated tournaments became a thing? Having something different is fun and refreshing and Little Cup served as that. Removing LC completely is a mistake, please bring it back at least in the form of a few 32 man tournaments once in a while. If they're not frequent, they are guaranteed to get full and everyone is happy.

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When the entire tier is relying on Yetto's unofficial tours (which are at the exact same time every week, so saying "the people in them are often the same" is a pretty unreasonable validation) and CCs for automated tours, and I wonder why they aren't seeing enough growth for the tier

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nothing on yetto for hosting, full credit to him for doing so much for it
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The fact that there was no prior public discussion is the part that irks me the most. I don't even play the tier anymore, but this sudden announcement just looks like a flagrant disregard for a significant proportion of the player base. As Lotus said, several players have been screaming for more competitive representation of LC for months, so this change does nothing but scream laziness. Outright deleting a tier that several dozens, if not hundreds, of people actively play is nothing short of tragic. 

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If LC will still be available in PSL and other unofficial tournaments, I don't see any issue with the devs decision, they're seeing it from a marketing perspective and they made a choice. If they decided to remove it's mechanics from pvp that would have been a different case. 

I urge my fellow LC players to keep playing the tier if they enjoy it, as unofficial LC tournaments are and will probably still being held weekly thanks to the community efforts.

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This decision is really questionable, this is the first time that I see the game going backwards instead of moving forward.


Tournaments are now neglected by players only because matchmaking give more rewards than tournaments (except shiny tours).


I really don't think there is a lack of community playing LC, they just prefer play OU because there is more people here, and it's the same fact in others tiers. I'm pretty sure if there were a LC matchmaking, there would be as many people as NU or UU. Instead of testing this matchmaking, they remove the entire tier.


I'm waiting for an answer to understand why not let players do LC auto-tournaments if they want to keep the tier alive, although they no longer believe in it.




I forgot how many times we requested change for this tier, how many time we asked for a new system of battle, and now that lasts decisions to make the tier viable (test ban porygon or regenerator, or at least berry juice), and now we just cut off the discussions. 

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