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christmas is over so probably a good time to host a christmas raffle:

unnamed.png.7ec391f3e6a69c5341f6db6dc829e621.pngTEAM LËM XMAS HOLIDAY RAFFLE!unnamed.png.7ec391f3e6a69c5341f6db6dc829e621.png


  • To celebrate the christmas/winter holiday period and the end of this (to put it lightly) shitty year, I bring you this raffle open to all members of Team SimplyLemonade.
  • The entry cost of this raffle is free.
  • Members can enter by replying to this thread with their ingame name. Signups are open from now until 23:59 (PM) UTC on the 31st December 2020.
  • The raffle will be drawn by myself at a time TBD on the 1st January 2021, the draw will be streamed live on the LËM discord server so members will be able to watch the draw live.


Terms & Conditions

  • Prize list has been largely finalised but may be improved upon should anyone wish to contribute with donations (you really don't have to though) or at host's discretion.
  • If the number of entrants minus the number of prizes is a number small enough to make me feel bad that some people don't win anything, host will ensure all entrants receive something.
  • One entrant can win one prize only.
  • Entrants with multiple accounts/characters can only enter this raffle with one of them.
  • By taking part in this raffle you wholeheartedly agree that people who use the term 'linoob' are bad people and bullies.


Prizes (listed in no particular order)

  • 1x Snow Globe Hat
  • 2x31, 3x27+ Natured Rotom Breed w/ Lin OT 
  • 198x Leppa Berries 
  • Another 198x Leppa Berries
  • 99x Repeat Balls
  • 99x Ultra Balls
  • 1 x Monster w/ Ghost Particle Effect
  • 1 x Monster w/ Hitodama Particle Effect
  • 1 x Male Shiny Marill (31 Attack IV), Kindly donated by @DarkxAkira (OT as well)
  • 2 x Shiny Charms (most likely drawn seperately) , Kindly donated by @Revz
  • 1 x Pharaoh Vanity Set (Headdress, Outfit, + Crook & Flail), Kindly donated by @Sethsen
  • 5x31 Adamant Smeargle, Level 100 and fully EV and moveset, Kindly donated by @kuplion


Host: Lin the Wailmer




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