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What's inside these Christmas and Santa Presents 2020?

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Anyone know what is in the 2020 Xmas and Santa's Presents? Always nice to have a list so when people ask, they can find it.


I'm unsure what is in what present, so if anyone could help, it'd be nice. I've made threads like this in the past so it's easier to search and find out what is in what.


Normal Elfbot Hat - Santa

Normal Elfbot Outfit - Santa

Toy Plane (back vanity) - Santa & Xmas

Retro Games Handheld (back vanity) - Santa

Teddy Bear (back vanity) - Santa & Xmas

1x TM - Blizzard - Santa

12x Heal Ball - Santa

5x Rare Candy (untradeable nonsense) - Santa

10x-12x Premier Ball - Santa & Xmas

10x Luxury Ball - Santa & Xmas

3x Xmas Present - Santa

5-7x Sweet Heart - Santa & Xmas



1x EXP Charm - (unsure)

1x Battle Points Charm - (unsure)

1x Riches Charm - (unsure)


Castelia Cones - Xmas

1x TM - Substitute - Xmas

3x Miracle Seed - Xmas

1x TM - Frost Breath - Xmas

3x HP Up - Xmas

1x TM - Ice Bream - Xmas

5x Lava Cookies - Xmas

1x TM - Return - Xmas

3x Rare Candy - Xmas ? Tradeable ?

5x MooMoo Milk - Xmas

3x Carbos - Xmas

3x Calcium - Xmas

3x Protein - Xmas




I'll format this a bit nicer later. The ? Unsure ? means I've been seeing them pop up a ton on GTL so they're in a present, just don't know which.


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3 minutes ago, bastianh7 said:

Vanity items are the only rewards?

There's stuff like the Casteliacone and I believe Premier Balls. Nobody has said anything but me about what can be in them just yet. The main thing anyone wants from them is vanities tbh. This is VanityMMO afterall.

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XMAS Presents

10 Luxury Balls

5 Sweet Hearts
5 Castelia Cones

3 Proteins
3 Iron

3 Miracle Seeds

3 Rare Candy

1 TM Blizzard



7 Castelia Cones 
3 Xmas Presents (1 TM Substitute x2, 10 Premier Balls)

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