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Starter Pokemon (Pros and Cons)


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Starter pokemon are our first pokemon in every game. We have one in every team. However, are you wondering what's their pros and cons? Shall we see?

Everyone is familiar with the Kanto Starters Venusaur Charizard and Blastoice but let's look closer:

Venusaur: Pros: 

• Has Dual typing of Grass/Poison which makes it  immune to Toxic and Toxic spikes. 

•Loses Bug weakness

• Balanced Stats (can be used as a sweeper or a Tank)

•has access to Ground type coverage such as EQ and Earth Power

• Leech Seed, substitute combo   

• can use Black Sludge as held item


• vulnerable against fast pokemon with super effective attacks such as Starmie's psychock  and Staraptor's Brave bird

•Hidden Ability unavailable (chlorophyl)

• is the least popular of all the Kanto starters         


           •Ground type immunity

           • has access to Belly Drum and Dragon Dance

           • has good  Attack and Special attack stats

 • has access to Coverage such as T.punch, Rock Slide, EQ, e.t.c


• vulnerable against Rock types and Stealth Rock

•gains weakness against Electric types 

• paper defences


•unavailable Hidden Ability (Solar Power)


          • has access to Shell Smash

• has Ice Beam

•has access to Rapid spin

•Decently good Stats


•Limited only amount of coverage (Ice beam and aura sphere only ..)

•gets overshadowed by other Water types of Kanto (such as Starmie, Gyarados and Slowbro)




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        • cute design


        • it's trash


       •Good Alternative option of Charizard

       • has access to coverage such as Focus Blast

       •one of the best mons for Gym reruns


      •Limited only amount of Special attack Coverage

      •unlike Charizard, it's a pure Fire type, meaning that it has Ground weakness


      •Gen 3's backsprite

      •access to coverage such as Ice Punch, Crunch

      •access to Dragon dance


     •Overshadowed by Lanturn 

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Sceptile:  Pros:

      • Its the fastest grass type

      •has access to Dragon Dance

      •huge variety of moves


      •Paper defences and mediocre attack

Blaziken:  Pros:

      •Impressive Fire/Fighting Type

      • access to Sword dance, Bulk up

      •access to coverage such as Brave Bird, U-Turn, EQ


      •Hidden ability unavailable (Speed Boost)

      •Vulnerable against Flying  and Psychic types

      •overshadowed by infernape

      •paper defences

Swampert: Pros:

      •Amazing dual typing of Water/Ground Which means Electric Immunity

      •Great Bulk

      •access to coverage such as  Ice Punch, Superpower


    •Vulnerable against Grass Knot users such as Infernape 



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8 minutes ago, Bearminator said:

Can we close this due to false information

Unfortunately, its true, Meganium isn't good in battles . It has only a limited amount of coverage, its stats are not that good and its easily overshadowed by the other grass starters. 



Yet, the only good thing about it is that it has a cute design

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Torterra: Pros:

    •Has access to EQ

    •has access to coverage such as crunch and Stone edge

    •decent bulk and attack

    •Electric Immunity


   • S L O W

   • Ice type weakness

   • honestly, there are better Ground type options in my opinion



  •Fire/Fighting type

  • Able to learn Grass Knot (which is useful)

  • Good base stats

  •Variety of Coverage 


   •Same with Blaziken about the type weaknesses

   •unavailable hidden ability (iron fist)


Empoleon: Pros:

    •Unique dual typing

    •No more Grass weakness

    •Access to coverage such as Ice beam and Air slash

    •STAB Flash Cannon

    •Poison immunity


   •Vulnerable against Ground and fighting types

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Serperior: Pros:

    •Has access to Glare, Leech seed

    •decent attack


   •No Hidden ability 

   • Paper defences

   • No Coverage, besides hidden power and Dragon pulse



  •Fire/Fighting type (seriously, what's up with that?)

  • Good base stats

  • HUGE Variety of Coverage 


   •Same with Blaziken and Infernape about the type weaknesses



Samurott: Pros:

    •Has great coverage (Megahorn, Ice beam)

    •Access to one of the rarest moves in-game (Sacred Sword)

    •Decently good stats


   •Slower than other Water type options




And its done

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1 hour ago, RealMak said:

I realise that, but it easily gets overshadowed by Venusaur on that Role

It really doesn't, they're not really comparable beyond their grass typing and "starter" title. Venusaur lacks Aromatherapy, is weak to psychic, and doesn't resist ground. Their defense and special attack stats are also swapped, with Meganium being the bulkier or the two.


Venusaur is certainly the more viable of the two in general, but that doesn't mean that it's objectively better or overshadows it. Meganium's access to Aromatherapy, Dragon Tail, Magic Coat, etc, and its different set of weaknesses and resistances, make it worth considering over its gen 1 rival if what it brings to the table is what your team needs. Meganium might be Johto's hard mode for the storyline, but it's not a terrible Pokemon. It's got a pretty solid support movepool that can give it a niche on lower tier competitive teams.

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Magic Coat is fun
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Just now, Poufilou said:

Why do you even list pros and cons when choosing your starter is a matter of feeling which one is gonna be your best friend ? It's like choosing puppies. You dont choose. They choose you. 

While I agree with you I still think its a nice idea to just list the pros and cons of the starters. Many people in the forum are new player that like this kind of overview and every "content" that people post here is nice because many people share there ideas/builds/knowledge in teamchat or on discord servers. When I was knew this forum was like my bible haha spent so much time here lurking around and reading everything even if its outdated

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If we are going to compare starter, I think we should exclude egg moves for comparison purpose and compare against other 2 starter(or any other u would get in region during storyline) in the same region.


For example, Unova always gives u one of trio monkey, ur starter is one of the three types. If u desperately need the third typing, u can get it in Pinwheel forest

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Meganium is a useful pokemon but only for adventure. There are many more pokemon of the same type, and they do their job better.


Meganium es un pokemon util pero solo para la aventura. Hay muchos mas pokemon de su mismo tipo, y que hacen mejor su trabajo.

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4 hours ago, Ovale said:

Meganium es un pokemon útil pero solo para la aventura. 

Error si tomamos la región de la que viene si es nuestro inicial tendremos muchos conflictos con los primeros dos gym (bicho, volador) 


(O eso he escuchado) 




Error if we take the region from which it comes if it is our initial we will have many conflicts with the first two gym (bug, flying)


(Or so I've heard)

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