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This battle is optional, and you can catch multiple bug and flying types at this point. There's nothing wrong with Treecko's stats, and it's intended that the AI will always use its strongest move for the situation. If you can't beat it and refuse to either level up more or use something with a type advantage, you can just skip the battle.

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On 12/12/2020 at 4:04 AM, STFUB said:

im in hoenn and may has a lvl.15 treecko that just spams fucking mega drain till its out of pp and it does a lot of damage when i dont even attack first 

If you are using a Mudkip, then you need to realise that its 4x weak against Treecko. There are few options tho:

1)Get a Fire/Ice/Bug type

2)Train that mudkip till level cap

3)use strategies




Treecko is a pure Grass type and its weak to 5 different typings. Good luck

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