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Introduce extra rewards for not finding suitable matches in matchmaking





This damn message. It usually haunts every PVP player, usually those playing tiers other than OU, and especially for those that are present within the top 100 for a tier. There has been much talk as of late recently how this is a major drag and turn off for people who generally have to deal with this issue, which results in lower ranked tiers becoming way more lowly populated than they have to be. Ideas have been thrown around by balancing the tiers by making their BP/Matchmaking Point payout be buffed accordingly per the popularity of said tier. But why not introduce a system in place that rewards a player for sitting around waiting anyway?

I am proposing some kind of formula being introduced every time you see this message while waiting for matchmaking. The multiplier I personally am proposing is:

+.2 to the rate of BP/Matchmaking rewards every time a match cannot be found.
In a situation like the picture above, regardless of win or loss, that player would then gain x2.8 more BP/Matchmaking Point rewards due to having to sit around for 9 matchmaking periods without being able to find an opponent. I think a hard cap on how high the percentage of a gain would be fair as well, maybe maxing around anywhere from x4-x6 more rewards.

Again, those specific numbers I'm throwing around are a rough idea. The general premise is that I believe that giving extra rewards based off of time spent in queue balances time invested into less popular tiers, or even for higher ranked players present in any tier. This makes it to where the devs do not constantly have to be adjusting the gain rates for every specific tier, and can just focus on this one single global mechanic that inheriently balances participation in every tier.

Again, if you don't agree with the gain rate that I proposed (or even if it should be multiplicative), please, talk about it below. The more discussion about this, the better.

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