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Battle Factory lvl 50 Doubles Tier List (my opinion)

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anyone play battle factory at all? what are your favorite rental pokemon to get for whichever specific mode you play? I made a quick, somewhat sloppy personal opinion tier list for the first 7 wins of level 50 doubles, what I'd refer to as 'tier 1', after you get a 7 win streak it becomes 'tier 2' and so on, since the sets change. lmk if you have any strong opinions about it


S+ croconaw farfetch'd illumise minun murkrow plusle raticate
S azumarill clamperl haunter kadabra machoke porygon volbeat
A aipom anorith delcatty delibird furret ivysaur kabuto magby spinda
B beedrill charmeleon combusken eevee flaaffy gloom graveler ivysaur koffing krabby lickitung lileep loudred masquerain nuzleaf omanyte phanpy poliwhirl pupitar quilava roselia sableye sealeo teddiursa togetic vibrava voltorb wartortle weepinbell
C ariados aron bayleef beautifly cacnea chinchou corsola drowzee elekid growlithe magby magcargo marshtomp mawile nidorina nidorino parasect ponyta spoink staryu sudowoodo tentacool unown wailmer yanma
D dustox exeggcute grimer grovyle houndour lombre nosepass pidgeotto rhyhorn
F butterfree ledian luvdisc onix skiploom

i'd nominate raticate as the most annoying to play against, if he's with you he'll probably miss at least 1 attack eventually which is costly, but if he's against you he has a high chance of not missing in that particular battle and wiping you

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