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Make Matchmaking ladders more like weekend league



For those that don't know what weekend league is, its an idea from the FIFA games that rewards players based upon a finite numbers of games played/won ratio. Every weekend the league opens and players have 3 days to play 30 games and get as many wins as possible before its up. Each win gives greater rewards for the player(IE going 24-6 gives better rewards than 12-18)


The reason I suggest this or something similar for our MM ladders is how cancer it has become with players racking up over 1000 games in a single season just to finish top of the ladder. It does not reward skill, high level play or creative teams. It just rewards those with the most time to spam broken cookie cutter teams to finish top and get those end of season rewards with a low winrate %. (Check dubs ladder right now)


If I had to recommend a setup it would be like this.




100 ranked games a season. Ladder position is based purely off win %. Once the 100 games have been reached players have two options.


Confirm final ladder position for the season, players can no longer increase/decrease their win % but are still able to que in and play.


Prestige mode, your 100 games and ladder win % reset to zero. You get another chance to go for 100 games and if you reach it you get a bonus reward at the end of the season (up to a maximum of 10 prestiges).




This system would still allow players to spam matchmaking, but it would reward players based upon skill more than the amount of time available to spam the ladder.


If this idea is garbage then just shoot me down, rip those with lives who want to top ladder.



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I really like this idea. Someone with 59% winrate but 1000 games shouldnt be anywhere near the top with people that have 100 games but winrates of ~70%. I think my only gripe with it is that the ladder system kinda sucks at finding competitive matches (I know this is intentional for faster pairing). So person X that plays 30 games might be paired with novice players 20 times while player Y fights veterans 20 times. We probably don't have the playerbase to support a weekend league for the lower tiers. Or lower tiers should have a smaller amount of games needed until they grow more in popularity. 

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