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Questions from a new user...

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I'm pretty new to playing pokemmo, a year or two ago I played a bit with some friends then fell off. Now that I've noticed sinnoh's been added, I have some questions about certain changes/balances that have been made with certain mechanics among other things. I'll admit im kinda salty, but I think I'll feel better about it if I have things explained to me by people who've been here a while yknow?

1.) Why does honey cost 1000 poke? I get that this is an mmo, and a lot of items need some pricing changes for balance, but why honey? it gets 1 pokemon after waiting an hour or so, with that pokemon usually being like a cascoon or something, I feel 100 poke is reasonable for the wait. It's not like I can easily honey gather due to the way that's been balanced, and its not like I can farm it through pickup either since its not in sinnoh yet, am i missing something? 


2.) For that matter, why are tms so overpriced too? In platinum fireblast was 5500 and here its 20000? why? if anything theres *more* competitive battling on here than in base game so you're going to need more tms,  why the price change? are there other ways to get tms that are less taxing then just buying them/finding one throughout the region?

3.) Why doesn't thief/pickup work while fighting npc trainers? I used thief on a mon (while not holding anything), got it to half hp, and then it used its berry! I get that again they don't want people farming items, but honestly there are better ways then waiting for trainers to be ready to battle and thieving repeatedly, it just feels wrong to me. 

4.) Why do the NPCs that are supposed to give daily berries *not* give them anymore after you get it the first time? It's not like I can farm berries in sinnoh? Am I really only supposed to use GTS to get berries?

5.) Are they planning to implement berries anywhere other then hoenn? I've heard hoenn is the only place berries can be farmed, is this true? If so, is it just a technical limitation? time constraints? I'm confused. 


6.) They already made the chances of finding a shiny significantly lower, why did they nerf sweet scent so much? It has 20pp but can only be used in the wild 4 times? It seems pretty ridiculous and just a waste of time to have to run back to the Pokémon center every 2 seconds. 

Am I just complaining too much over the little things? Do other people feel this way? Thanks for reading. 

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1) no comments, amount can be tweaked

2) Just do gym rematches daily, ez 400k for all 4 regions

3) No comments, might be bug??

4) Its a mmo, yr supposed to work for what u want. Developers work hard so that economy is healthy

5) Unova has many plots of land to farm berries. Its where i get my daily income

6) no oversupply of shinies? also, no oversupply of items that use sweet scent to farm


my 2 cents worth

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Regarding the thief/covet thing, that's not just PokeMMO. From gen 5 on, you cannot permanently steal trainers items. That's not your question though. Your question is why you didn't get the berry, and that's because you put it in range for it to be consumed. If thief/covet put the target in range of consumption, the consumption happens before the item can be stolen. All this can be found off bulbapedia. 

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Thanks for answering my questions you guys! thinking about it now i really was complaining a lot huh? I didn't know that gym leaders could be rematched (i have to wait till after i beat the whole leauge for the region yea?) I had no idea about that consumption before thief thing either, you learn somethin new every day lmao. Still having problems with frisk not popping off but i'm looking into that being a bug, it might be because i'm using a gothita and its a gen 5 mon in sinnoh but im still not sure. Again, thanks for the responses :D! i feel a lot better about all this!

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