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Five Minute Cooldown On Trade Chat



By default, the trade chat accumulates posts in the background regardless of which channel potential buyers are in. 


There is no reason to post the same thing more than every 5 minutes since we can scroll up and check all the most recent posts.



Currently, it's very hard to read trade chat as it becomes a pissing contest to see who can post their offer most frequently. Potential buyers are faced with countless pages of the same 4-5 offers, trying to read in-between them just to find something unique. 


We could see a much cleaner, diverse, and inclusive list should a simple cooldown be introduced.



It's a win-win, buyers get a better list of offers to look at, and those sellers currently spamming to "stay visible" can relax and do something else for five minutes.

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I'd just say remove trade chat at all. Ever since the max fee on GTL was reduced to 25k, it has almost no practical use for someone that wants to do a fair trade. Today it's just for people looking to scam others. It's funny how often people offer things more expensive than they actually are on GTL.

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The biggest problem with this is the same reason why we kept trade chat at all after implementing the GTL. As soon as you take away a convenient/dedicated place to spam trades, you encourage players to flood global/channel chats with them instead, where they become extremely obnoxious for players trying to have a conversation. Trade chat in its current form is a necessary evil if we don't want other chat types constantly polluted by traders.

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well trade chat also has advantages over gtl - mostly that people can trade stuff instead of just buying with pure cash. This is especially useful when you for example want to break down a valuable shiny / vanity into a few lower tier ones. So removing trade chat should never happen - making it less full of spam would be nice to see tho

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