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Browser playable game



I'm not even sure if this is feasible or if similar suggestions have happened before but here goes. 


Make PokeMMO playable on browser. Just like how you can access discord, skype and whatsapp on the browser, it would be great if we could access the game via a browser as well. 


Some times when you're on the go you don't have an option to play the game properly. The mobile version just sucks to play for longer periods. Its a great tool for short bursts of gameplay like watering berries but otherwise it just isn't that fun. 


Having this game be accessible as a browser game would be a great addition imo. 


Feel free to voice your opinions about this suggestion down below :) 

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it probably wouldn't be possible cause the game requires roms to work and Pokemmo would likely have to have the roms somewhere on their site to make it playable in a browser. that could cause a lot of legal issues and is not really a option worth the risk. Pokemmo stays online cause all the content they create is legal and 100% their work, it is up to the players to figure out how to get the roms to play which protects the Pokemmo team.

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