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Who do you think is the Richest Players right now in the game?


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Someone running one of those <insert thing in here that is banned>, then listing an item on their main account on GTL for stupid money, buying that item on the GTL for stupid money, and basically laundering money from <insert thing in here that is banned> to their main account.

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2 hours ago, Quakkz said:

some random chinese who sinks 2k dollars a month in this game probably

Someone was selling 55k RP yesterday. 

Could be him if this is not his first/last time purchasing RP

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Probably someone with more than one of the old items Electric storm and Desu coat, it seems that they are worth more than 1B. a year and a half ago I thought a full shiny team 5x31 comp but selling one of these items capable of making the full shiny team and not having spent half the money xD

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