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Is This New Update a Joke?

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Oh how terrible. Surely it's not like changing Pokeballs is something that's been requested more than just that one instance.








Snark aside. It's not like your suggestion is inherently bad or unworthy just because it didn't get in this patch. There are things that would need to be worked out with the UI to make adding a timer feasible. Not to mention that if you are able to hatch multiple eggs at once, each with their own timer, it could make the screen feel cluttered. Hovering is kind of hard to do on mobile, so there is a design consideration there as well. It's not like they can't, because it's definitely possible. It's more that if they want to then they need to design the UI side of it. If you are wondering why you didn't get a response from the devs, the vast majority of suggestions don't get a response from the dev team. This is nothing against you at all. It's entirely possible they could be designing how to handle an egg timer. Don't be mad at them for looking at low hanging fruit and picking that off first.

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