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Changelog: 25/11/2020


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Changelog: 27/11/2020


Gift Shop

  • Battle Box Expansion Tickets are now available in the Gift Shop


  • Castelia, Nimbasa, and Opelucid Gyms are now more accommodating for rematches
  • Cynthia has scheduled her Unova holiday for Spring

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Trick Room causing random turn ordering
  • Fixed Acrobatics+Flying Gem combo
  • Keldeo can no longer be taken to Unova's E4
  • Fixed Future Sight/Doom Desire damage % writing in the battle log
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Changelog: 30/11/2020


Gift Shop

  • Teleport / Dig Ocarinas are now available in the Gift Shop

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Air Balloon would not broadcast its message when its holder swapped in
  • Fixed message playback for moves which fainted multiple targets simultaneously (Most commonly seen with Moxie against Hordes)
  • Charms are now paused immediately upon disconnection, rather than logoff
  • Fixed various Illusion broadcast issues
  • Android: Fixed battle buttons not displaying correctly if you selected a move too quickly
  • Android: Fixed ball status displays
  • Android: Autoupdates now display more helpful pause state messages and will warn if disk space is insufficient
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