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PSL XIII - Preliminaries

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7 minutes ago, TohnR said:

NORE talking about humility ?

I guess if we won less then we'd be more humble. But don't think that's happening soon enough. Meanwhile I'll give you the opportunity to reflect on this again:

24 minutes ago, LifeStyleNORE said:

Yes indeed, he went 6-1 by stealing games. Little bit of humility wouldn't hurt you, especially since you're kind of a random?


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On 11/27/2020 at 4:48 PM, NikhilR said:

The thing is, the turn Slowbro died, Toxicroak was at +4.


So it would depend on which of the two situations is better:


1) Infernape taking +2 Sucker Punch + Higher Recoil Damage; or

2) Infernape taking +4 Sucker Punch + Lower Recoil Damage


I'm not aware of the calcs about it, but I think 1) seems to be healthier.

Only reason Slowbro didn't win vs Toxicroak is because of the crit. If you consider Blaziken was a better revenge killer than Slowbro, in that case you have to consider that the Sucker Punch from Toxicroak at +2 will be a crit. This means the two options are: 

1) Infernape taking +2 Sucker Punch crit + Higher Recoil Damage; or

2) Infernape taking +4 Sucker Punch + Lower Recoil Damage


Therefore option 1 would be a misplay compared to option 2.


On 11/27/2020 at 4:06 PM, NikhilR said:

Instead of staying in with Blaziken against Absol, Tawla went to Clefable, which then gave Absol a FREE SD.  Staying in with Blaziken would've forced Absol to Sucker Punch that turn, which means that when Specs Vanilluxe came in, it would've been facing a non-boosted Absol.

I disagree with this. There is no FREE SD against Clefable. Tri Attack Clefable does a good amount + a decent chance to hax. Clefable can Toxic + Protect + Snow Warning + Protect Again, that's a lot of dmg. Clefable can also Encore on the SD turn. Thunder Wave would also be quite crippling.


Sacrificing Blaziken to Sucker Punch followed by a Vanilluxe revenge kill means that a Choice Spec Espeon sweeps with Psyshock. 

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wait wait wait....

we need calc first.

remember toxicroak +2 in rotom, and when slowbro join in battle, toxicroak are +4 in a turn slowbro use slack off.

then toxicroak +4 atk Adamant (because was more low speed than rotom) vs slowbro.



slowbro not is full hp in this moment, and all can see in this calc, was a rol for kill it WITHOUT CRITIC.

+4 252+ Atk Toxicroak Sucker Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 176-208 (87.1 - 102.9%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO
then guys, this critic not mattered.
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