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New person O_O


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Hey there. I've been playing all week and I thought I'd say hi =)

Though I've been wondering, what can I do to help out? I just graduated with my degree in computer science and I have too much time on my hand while I look for jobs. Haha I mean it's really slow to get a tech job, just got my return call from HP after I applied 2 months ago >.<. So I have all this computery knowing stuff and I'd love to help. Unless it's all in assymble. Shudder ;)

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[quote name='StarLite' timestamp='1359736244' post='179923']
Hi Achellin, welcome to our forums,
Please do not worry about these topics, & enjoy the game.
Haha well I only have 5 years java experience ;) but no worries turns out I did better on my last interview than I thought. So maybe I will have a job soon =D QUICK! write out a binary search and read it back to me! You have 15 minutes! Well no the question was write an O(n*log(n)) algorithem to find a set of pairs in a list that added up to a number.. That was interview one, oh man I've picked quite a field.

GreenZaku but I thought I beat team rocket already ;)

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