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Request to make certain battle qualities more fluid



not in reference to shiny hunting or anything like that, i only really use GTL and battle factory for a while now, i don't know how high of a priority this would be or just how many other people would be in favor of this, but - it often can feel really sluggish especially when certain factors add up. i.e. leftovers, black sludge, confusions, statuses (especially rest), stat changes (especially pokemon with moody, but also things like speed boost, quiver dance, stockpile, curse, bulk up, calm mind), those are the things off the top of my head.

not a huge deal i just figured i'd share my mind since it makes it less desirable to play repeatedly, i do really enjoy battle factory though. i like the sense of progression with pokemon sets that change after every 7 wins


i think this could be achieved in several ways, for example with moody: instead of taking 5-10 seconds of a pause to show you which stats are going up and down, it could be no pause, but beside the pokemon there would be like a green up arrow with a stat [or 2 arrows, since it goes up sharply iirc], and the same with a red arrow for the decreased stat. which would show up for about 3 seconds or whatever seems necessary, but not make you wait for it to end before you can do anything. something like this being done to the majority of the sluggish factors that i mentioned would make battles a lot more enjoyable imo. specifically matches against CPUs that you end up repeating hundreds of times. and would make mandatory PP stall battles much less of a nightmare

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