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iBlankness's Level Service 1-50 / Ev Training


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Lvl. 1-50 (each) = 21k


EV's only (each) = 28k 


Lvl. 1-50 with ev's (each) = 50k





Current Orderstatus: closed


You're sending the Pokemons via Mail? - Make sure you're giving me that Information:

 Which Moves (Wishing Moves), EV-Spread & Should I evolve it or not. 


The Pokemon(s) you're sending me, if the Orderstatus is open, will be sent to you back withing atleast 24 Hours (It normally is way faster).



Blank's modest Advantage: If I find a Shiny during leveling your Pokemon the Service is free.



My ingame Name: iBlankness (same as here) 


Discord: Blankness#1786 (without the i)


Customers done:


CaptnBaklava = 13 Orders = Lvl 50 + Ev (13x)


Sulfasalazine = 4 Orders = Lvl 50 + Ev (4x)


ZgamesX = 2 Orders = Lvl 50 + Ev (2x)


MiraiZura = 12 Orders = Little Cup EV's (11x) / Lvl 50 + Ev (1x)


ZeitLoos = 2 Orders = Lvl 50-100 (2x)


Superman = 3 Orders = Lvl 1-50 (3x)


DoctorPBC = 5 Orders = Lvl 1-50 + Ev (5x)









~ Drink some Coffee meanwhile I'm leveling your Pokemon ~



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