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3 suggestions for ya



Yo folks! During my journey on pokemmo I admired some innovations like the trips through regions, the regional tutors, the bp and the pvp system, and thanks to this game I learned something about the competitive building and battling, soooooo nice! After 3 months of this game I've got some suggestions for u (plis don't punch me if I tell tauros**t):


1. for the hunting: having in the map (or in the pokedex) a list of all the wild pokemons in the zone around you. Like: are u in route xxx and u want to know what kind of pokemons are living in the tall grass or water o rocks? You'll open the pokedex or the maps, and u will find it. 


2.for the abilities: during my pvp battle i've noticed that a lot of teams are very very similar. Ferrothorn it's omnipresent, for example. Now, if (like) Magic Bounce will be available, Natu, Espeon and the others can face him with a little bit of advantage... since moves from gen 6 are available (and sometimes a surprise during pvp), some hidden abilities could help a lot of pokemons to change the balancing and create new teams. Same thing for Solar power, etc. 


3. Complete the pokedex: I suggest to give a money price. Maybe 1.000.000. divided for each reagion (when u complete the dex of kanto, Oak will give u 250.000; when u complete hoenn, sinnoh, etc. same thing with the professors of each region. Or maybe, only when u complete all the dex, 1.000.000... i think it could be an interesting challenge, no?


See ya!

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1. Already suggested. Would be a nice thing to have, wouldn't it? 

2. Hidden abilities confirmed to come eventually. The problem you're describing wouldn't go away though. There will always be centralizing pokemon. 

3. Also already suggested. 


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