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于2019/4/10 AM3点48分,Flareonn 说:

Welcome to my first PokeMMO Mod



Features - (v3.0) :

- All Shiny's added

- Gen 5 Normal Sprites added

- Added more colors 

(black / white / red / pink / blue / purple / yellow / green)

- Reworked Aura

- Added some missing shinys



How to install:

  • Download latest version of the mod here
  • Locate the downloaded file "super shiny followers.mod"
  • Right click on PokeMMO.exe and select "open file location" or alternatively open the folder where PokeMMO is installed
  • Navigate to Data > Mods
  • Copy and Paste the "super shiny followers.mod" into that folder
  • Open PokeMMO
  • On the log-in screen select "Mod Management" on the right side of the screen
  • If you do not see the mod already select "Import Mod" and navigate to the same folder again
  • Select the mod and then click "save"
  • The game will restart and the mod will be applied.




If you like it please share with your friends and consider Donating to my IGN - "Flareon"


Thank you & Enjoy!


Credits to @Billla for the base sprites in his classic mod



直接下载的话应该是会很慢 有条件的话建议还是先连个梯子再下

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