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PSL XIII - Week Seven

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4 hours ago, pachima said:

Cuando la gente realmente piensa que Arce puede obtener la mejor OU.



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¿Por qué la gente realmente cree que Arce puede obtener la mejor OU? 




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¿Cómo cree la gente que Arce puede obtener la mejor OU?
And why shouldn't it be? Hahahah
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Undefeated losing streak, another achievement to add to my records

If you manage to reach playoffs, don't dodge me this time ^_*

I know when i  vs  frags zhiko  sen  win  for  the  hax  but I didn't say a word when I was haxed by others,everyone has moments of hax or haxed,you mean  no one should be rewarded

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8 hours ago, Aerun said:

Wdym lol I was sleeping

Arce isn't undefeated btw, ez loss against Chuck

another ez loss for Aerun I c jeje u can still classify, dont care


6 hours ago, pachima said:


This question is real for u? 5-1 in score, beating ppl like zeknshooter (best ou last psl), endiii (recognized player of ou), doublej (an oldman playing good this season #FreeJJ), shuchty (when haters borned) and huargensy (another recognized player), the only defeat that he had, was an dc win taken by chuck, where neither you nor anyone could say me how chuck could win this match, so I take it as moral victory, and who is the next? Darker with same score waiting for senjut match, with a fair defeat and not dc.

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7 minutes ago, ThinkNicer said:

Yosoyarca of the Villains subs in for Baneadito, Yosoyarca and PoseidonWrath have been given an extension till Friday.

  • Players have 4 days to schedule their battles. If one of the parties fail to respond in that timeframe, proof must be given to the hosts  until the end of Saturday. The team of the player who failed to schedule either tries to get the match done, or they are enforced a sub who is able to play at the requested times.
  • If no sub is able to play at those times, the other team gets an activity

i mean rules and me are no friends but i dont get it just let someone else sub that have time today 

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