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Selling some LC comps


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Nosepass : Impish. Ivs 26/29/28/6/25/30 Stealth Rock, Voltswitch, Fire Punch, Rock Blast


Phanpy : Impish. Ivs : 29/21/31/11/29/28 Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Ice Shard, Knock Off


Snubull : Impish Ivs : 25/29/29/11/29/28 Return, Thief, T-Wave, Fire Punch


Mankey : Jolly Ivs : 21/31/27/17/26/31 U-turn, Close Combat, Ice Punch, Punishment


Grimer : Adamant Ivs : 29/31/28/14/29/30 Gunk Shot, Giga-Drain, Fire Punch, Shadow Sneak


Swinub : Jolly Ivs : 29/29/22/5/30/29 Stealth Rock, Endeavor, Earthquake, Ice Shard


Zorua : Timid Ivs : 21/19/29/29/23/28 Nasty Plot, Incinerate, Night Daze, Extracensory


Wynaut : Careful Ivs : 27/26/29/30/31/27 Encore, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Counter


Voltorb : Timid Ivs : 26/6/30/30/29/28 Voltswitch, Reflect, Light Screen, HP Ground


Magby : Hasty Ivs : 29/28/27/27/30/31 Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Thunder Punch, Psychic


Clamperl : Timid Ivs : 27/23/28/29/26/30 Surf, HP Fire, Shell Smash, Ice Beam

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